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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Singapore Art Museum Proudly Presents

23 April 2005 – 19 June 2005
Third Installment of the Bi-annual exhibition series


Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is proud to present President’s Young Talents Exhibition 2005, the third instalment of the series, inaugurated in 2001. This year’s presentation has broadened its scope to include design, media and transmedia practices to reflect international trends in contemporary visual art practices. Conceived as part of a larger initiative to present young emerging talents and promote outstanding artistic practices, the exhibition serves as a platform for the visual arts practices of local promising artists working in various media. The official presentation ceremony will be held on Friday, 22 April, 6.30pm at the Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum, with His Excellency President S R Nathan as Guest-of-Honour.

President’s Young Talents Exhibition 2005 features works by four emerging Singaporean visual artists with varied beginnings and diverse practices spanning the fields of film, furniture design, performance, new media and visual arts: Charles Lim (Co-founder of and recipient of JCCI Arts Award in 2002), Jason Ong (Grand Prix winner of the Nagoya Design Do! Competition), Tan Pin Pin (Director of Singapore Gaga, which will premiere at Singapore Film Festival 2005) and Rizman Putra (Co-founder for the multi-disciplinary collective ‘Kill Your Television’ which was the recipient of the JCCI Arts Award 2005).

International visual art practices today interact with other fields such as theatre, technology, architecture and broadcast media to give rise to innovative hybrid creative expressions. Locally, artists have been engaging and responding to these directions, taking their practice into newer areas through collaborations within theatrical performance, artistic expression via new technological mediums as well as other non-conventional interactions with media. Featured in this year's exhibition are four artists whose practices transcend the traditional boundaries of visual art -

CHARLES LIM The project sea state is concerned with the exploration of the waters around Singapore and contain many different tracks. sea state 1: Inside Outside is a collection of photographs from that journey and shows buoys, lighthouses and other assorted objects or structures at sea as the physical reality to these charted boundaries. These are presented in pairs where an individual marker is photographed from two perspectives – looking out from and looking into Singapore – and the seeming indifference between the two opens up an uncertainty in the fortitude of boundaries and borders.

JASON ONG Furniture is, for Jason, “a playful medium to express the many human relationships, ideals or idiosyncracies” and in his design explorations, he strives to create furniture that go beyond serving function and form. Seen in this way, the pieces shown here, Chair for Day Dreamers and Not Selfish In Bed(s), are transformed as symbols of his search for meaning, his explorations into archetypal forms and universal themes.

TAN PIN PIN Spurred by a desire to record and capture moments, to inscribe time and memories through the film medium whether as photography, documentaries or experimental short films, Pin Pin created a video, 80kmh, the photographic series, Friends, Family & Strangers, and the Microwave series of videos where objects are placed in a microwave oven as experiments in constructing a narrative with the most minimum requirement - by documenting seconds.

RIZMAN PUTRA For Rizman, performance in all genres (music, theatre, dance, live art) has become an integral part of his art practice. He considers it to be a natural development from his fine arts training, to be perceived as a kind of ‘live’ painting. The works presented in the exhibition can then be seen as a performance structure in three parts, wherein he investigates the conditions of identity.

The artists are selected by a curatorial committee comprising key experts in contemporary art in Singapore – individuals involved in design, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices: Ong Keng Sen (TheatreWorks Artistic Director), Patrick Chia (Designer), Dr Adrain Cheok (Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore) and Noorashikin Zulkifli (SAM). Venturing beyond the conventional boundaries of contemporary visual arts practices, the works by the artists reflect the rich and varied terrain of art in Singapore today. Their varied artistic expressions share a common process of intensive research. Charles Lim adopts a documentative, archival style to establish and unearth processes of thinking whilst Jason Ong’s designs are often attempts at elegant resolution of concepts. Audience engagement features prominently in their quest for ways to communicate with the audience. From Rizman Putra’s flamboyant persona to Tan Pin Pin’s intensely simple and quiet narratives, these are young talents who have developed firm voices, both within their fields and beyond, over years of strong artistic practice.

Says Mr Kwok Kian Chow, Director, SAM, “President’s Young Talents Exhibition 2005 is the highlight of SAM’s contemporary art programming in 2005. We are delighted to have the continued support of His Excellency President S R Nathan for this project. Since its conception in 2001, President’s Young Talents has become a platform for our young emerging talents. It recognises artistic development rooted within a vibrant local art scene, yet with an eye towards international artist practices. The series has become an important event in the local art calendar. We understand the importance of providing support and recognition for contemporary visual arts and our own artists who are emerging talents in their field, and hope that the exhibition series may be a first step leading to many other openings including international opportunities."

An exhibition that taps into the pulse of current artistic practices and experiences, President’s Young Talents Exhibition 2005 promises to be Singapore’s contemporary visual art event of the year. So visit the exhibition to get an update on the contemporary art scene in Singapore! In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be series of guided tours of exhibition led by curator of exhibition on 30 April, 21 May and 18 June at 1pm, SAM Lobby. For enquiries, email or call 6332 3220.

Full biography of the artists and curatorial committee are appended.

For media interviews, images and further information contact:

Lynn Tan DID: 6332 3219
Marcom Executive FAX: 334 7919
Singapore Art Museum Email:

Suenne Megan Tan DID: 6332 3215
Acting Assistant Director, FAX: 334 7919
Marketing and Corporate Communications Email:
Singapore Art Museum

For more information, visit

Exhibition opens to public : 23 April to 19 June 2005
SAM Galleries 1.5 and 2.5

Mondays to Sundays : 10am to 7pm, with extended hours and FREE
Admission on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm
Singapore Art Museum is located at 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555

General enquiries, please contact Front desk at 6332 3222.


Artists’ Biography

Beginnings: Born 1978. First at La-Salle College of Arts for his Diploma in Visual Arts and then BA in Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
Now: Flamboyant performer and visual artist, co-founder of multi-disciplinary collective, KYTV (Kill Your Television), lead singer for Tiramisu, member of The Artists Village.

Rizman found a natural path from his training in fine arts towards performing in all genres (music, dance, theatre, live art) as a way to create ‘live’ paintings. His multiple and various characters and personae are all expressions of his investigation into the conditions of forming and performing identities. The works presented here can then be seen as performance structure in three parts. In Who Is Manic Jango? A Young Singaporean, Malay, Muslim and Contemporary Artist, Rizman explores his alter-ego, Manic Jango, through devices such as portraits, props and playback of an earlier performance. Copper Brown Blues features interviews with youths, asking them the single question of where they see themselves in ten years’ time as a tool for mapping one’s self. The final part sees the transformation of a section of the gallery into the dramatic setting, Stairway to Funk, for a live performance in the galleries.

Beginnings: Born 1975. Former national sailor. BA in Fine Arts (first class honours) from Central St Martins College, United Kingdom.
Now: Partner of, visual artist with a propensity towards technology, gadgets and gizmos. Recently participated in Insomnia, part of Singapore Season in London, United Kingdom.

As part of, a cross-disciplinary artistic collaboration, Charles explored the physical aspect to the virtual spaces of the Internet as a way of critically examining contemporary acceptance of the Internet as an unbounded space. As a development into his solo work, Charles spent a week in the waters surrounding Singapore to explore her borders that are so clearly marked out on the virtual spaces of a map. sea state 1: Inside Outside is a collection of photographs from that journey and shows buoys, lighthouses and other assorted objects or structures at sea as the physical reality to these charted boundaries. These are presented in pairs where an individual marker is photographed from two perspectives – looking out from and looking into Singapore – and the seeming indifference between the two opens up an uncertainty in the fortitude of boundaries and borders.

Beginnings: Born 1969. Initially, BA in Law, Oxford University, United Kingdom. Then photography, then MFA in Film and Video Production, Northwestern University, United States of America.
Now: Independent filmmaker known for her Singapore-focused documentaries. Recently premiered at Singapore International Film Festival.

Deeply affected by the speed of change in Singapore’s urbanscape while she was growing up in the post-independent years of the 70s and 80s, Pin Pin overcomes the resultant insecurity with a desire to record and capture moments, to inscribe time and memories through the film medium whether as photography, documentaries or experimental short films. These attempts at documentation are exemplified in her video, 80kmh, and the photographic series, Friends, Family & Strangers. In 80kmh, Pin Pin records her journey on a single videotape with no cuts from Changi Airport in the east to the westernmost point in Tuas. In Friends, Family and Strangers, she took photographs of anyone and everyone all around Singapore within a set period, pushing herself out to places she would not have usually visited. This idea of imposing narrow frameworks and disallowing intrusive forms of editing or selection are evident in the Microwave series of videos. Objects are placed in a microwave oven as experiments in constructing a narrative with the most minimum requirement - by documenting seconds.

Beginnings: Born 1970. Diploma in Product Design, Temasek Polytechnic, then Masters in Furniture Design, Domus Academy, Milan, Italy.
Now: Concept-driven furniture designer, lecturer (furniture design) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Furniture is, for Jason, “a playful medium to express the many human relationships, ideals or idiosyncracies” and in his design explorations, he strives to create furniture that go beyond serving function and form. Seen in this way, the pieces shown here, Chair for Day Dreamers and Not Selfish In Bed(s), are transformed as symbols of his search for meaning, his explorations into archetypal forms and universal themes. Both works are simple evocative structures – a steel chair and bed respectively – that curiously shifts the audience’s attention from design details to ideas, imaginary and imagined worlds. Exploring the Void, a presentation of study models and conceptual images, represents a departure from this strand of thinking and is an exercise in designing furniture that starts from looking at how to support the human form with negative spaces. The result is furniture that is highly sculptural and visually attractive but deformed from recognisable furniture shapes.

Curatorial Committee

Dr Adrian Cheok is the Director of the Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore, which experiments with combining virtual and physical realities. In this regard, he has exhibited at Ars Electronica Museum Of The Future (Austria) in 2003 and worked on other collaborations with artists including a project that was shown in Interrrupt, a cyberart exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (2003).

Patrick Chia is a local furniture designer with international appeal. His designs were chosen by Philippe Starck to be the centrepiece for the Mondrian Hotel (Los Angeles, USA) while his squeeze bench has been acquired for the permanent collection of the Tel Aviv Art Museum. His works have been featured extensively in international publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper, Surface and Elle Décor.

Ong Keng Sen, Artistic Director of TheatreWorks, applies an interdisciplinary approach to his projects including The Flying Circus Project, a laboratory project that brings together traditional and contemporary Asian artists from the fields of theatre, music, dance, video, visual arts and ritual. As a curator, he has recently presented Insomnia at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, United Kingdom as part of Singapore Season.

Noorashikin Zulkifli is the Programmes Executive at the Singapore Art Museum. Her major projects included Wunderpark! last August. This was a two-week programme featuring an installation of an artist’s concept of a park, with a strong public engagement direction, as members of the public could create, contribute and install their own artworks, objects, writings into the park.


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Friday, April 22, 2005

A matter of ownership: dialogues on art and cultural
space of Singapore and Hong Kong

The Substation Guinness Theatre
45 Armenian Street 179936
22 April 2005, 7.30 pm - 10 pm

A special forum involving artists, architects
and critics from Singapore and Hong Kong.

The bilateral exchange project between The Substation and Para/Site involves an investigative dialogue into arts and cultural space in Singapore and Hong Kong. The first phase of the exchange saw a visit by Para/Site artists to Singapore in February 2005, where they visited arts spaces and interviewed people working in arts and culture.

The Symposium at The Substation will see the presentation of a Hong Kong perspective, with discussions and responses from Singaporeans. Hong Kong presenters include Jasper Lau, Tim Li, Reine Wong, MAP Office/ Guitierrez + Portefaix and Linda Lai. The Singapore respondents include Lee Weng Choy, Artistic Co-director of The Substation, Ho Tzu Nyen, artist/writer, and Jennifer Teo, co-founder of art space p-10.

Topics presented in the Symposium include: cultural awakening in the wake of Hong Kong's post-97 economic downturn; public housing development in Hong Kong and the concept of "home"; considering the city as a laboratory for new business, ideas, art work, and urban space in cinema.


Xu Dong Lin


Thursday, April 21, 2005

something about Asia's world city
but not exactly

The Substation Gallery
45 Armenian Street 179936
21 - 30 April 2005, 11 am - 9 pm daily
Opening Thursday 21 April 6.30 pm

Catch new works by five Hong Kong artists, exploring
urban areas and spaces using diverse media and modes.

Lee Kit
Ellen Pau
Sara Chi Hang Wong
MAP Office (Laurent Gutierrez & Valérie Portefaix)
Exhibition Curated by Leung Chi Wo

What makes a city metropolis? Is it by remaking Singapore into a Renaissance City? How do you adapt a foreign model into a local environment?

“Metropolis Strip(p)ed is my straightforward response to my last trip here. Stripes are both the metaphor and visual intervention to urban issues. ” Leung Chi Wo, curator of the exhibition said.

The invited artists approach the city with diverse media and modes. MAP Office (Laurent Gutierrez & Valérie Portefaix) uses selected photographs of public housing taken from their extensive research project Mapping HK. MAP Office’s photography displays a surreal sense of the extreme reality of Hong Kong urban situation.

Sara Chi Hang Wong’s Local Orientation series gives an alternative view to wandering in the city. Sara walks along a random or directional straight line drawn on the map across roads and buildings. Sometimes she walks through a building. Sometimes she detours around to continue. A struggle between deviant and conformist. A story of adventurer, stranger, jaywalker. The dialogue continues.

Ellen Pau’s Heavy Head Drama is a 5 min video of snaps in motion created in editing with a play on the Chinese character but hei (Cantonese literally means “not up”). A collage of text and life scenes, Drama is a visual poetry of chance combinations, recalling an intimate urban sensibility in a fast moving world.

Lee Kit’s stripe painting parodies the nature of commodity in today’s art. Lee embraces the urban material culture and uses it as the perfect setting for his art. Paintings used for picnic, table even and towel. It is art reincarnated.

“Where is the glamour when the metropolis is striped? It is something about the stripes but not exactly, something about Hong Kong but not exactly, and also something about Singapore but not exactly...” Leung concluded.

Metropolis Strip(p)ed is the first phase of a bilateral exchange between Para/Site Art Space from Hong Kong and The Substation. Both Para/Site and The Substation have always sought, in our respective local arenas, to privilege the relationships and processes involved in artmaking rather than the exhibition of products. Our common purpose for this project is to establish a long-term partnership between the two organisations, where Para/Site and The Substation collaborate on a project every year. In this way, we hope to sustain the dialogues between the arts spaces as well as with the many artists, curators and writers who work with us. This exchange project is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, and the National Arts Council, Singapore.

About the Artists

MAP Office / Gutierrez + Portefaix
Laurent Gutierrez (1966 - Casablanca) holds a Bachelor in Science (INSA, Lyon), a Diploma of Architecture (Ecole d’Architecture de Paris Belleville), and is preparing a Doctorate in Urbanism (Université Paris 8). He is an Assistant Professor at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Valérie Portefaix (1969 - Saint-Etienne) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Beaux Arts, Saint Etienne), a Diploma of Architecture (Ecole d’Architecture de Paris Belleville, Paris) and a Doctorate in Urbanism (Université Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble). She is a part-time Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, the Hong Kong University.

Gutierrez + Portefaix are French architects, based and teaching in Hong Kong. In 1997, they founded MAP Office - a collaborative studio involved in cross-disciplinary projects that incorporate architecture and the visual arts. They have participated in several local and international exhibitions, including the 7th Architecture Venice Biennial and the 1st International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam, where they won an award for the best ‘Inspiration’. In 2000, MAP Office was extended with MAP Book Publishers. Gutierrez + Portefaix published a number of articles on urban phenomena about Hong Kong and China. Their publications include mapping HK (2000), which details both the physical and dynamic transformations taking place in Hong Kong; HK LAB (2002), an interdisciplinary book in which Hong Kong is seen as an advance laboratory for innovative solutions; HK LAB 2 (2005), and exploration of Hong Kong interior spaces; and an architectural monograph, Yung Ho Chang/Atelier Feichang Jianzhu - A Chinese practice (2003). Their current research on “Lean planning” explores the impact of production and distribution mapped onto a re-convertible environment, and the specific conditions of the “Made in China “ in the Pearl River Delta region.

Sara Chi Hang Wong
Born in Hong Kong in 1968, Sara Wong is a founding member of Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong. She produces sculpture, installation and video works and practices as a landscape architect. She received her BA (Fine Arts) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Hong Kong. She has exhibited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, New York, Honolulu, Tokyo, Melbourne, Venice, Seoul, Gwangju, Oslo, Munich, Kassel and Berlin. In 2003, as part of Para/Site Collective, she represented Hong Kong in Venice Biennale. Awards received include Artist Grant of the Centre de Réflexion sur l’Image et ses Contextes, Switzerland (2000); Most Promising Artist of the Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hong Kong (1994); Ramon Woon Art Creative Prize, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1992). She was also in the Artist-in-residence programme held in PS1 Contemporary Art Center (1999), the Bronx Museum of the Arts (2000), New York; Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (ECAV); Sierre, Switzerland (2000) and the Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen, Norway (2002).

Ellen Pau
Born in Hong Kong, Ellen Pau made her first super-8 in 1984. A self-taught artist, she works as a MTV director, cinematographer, video artist, curator, educator and arts administrator. Ellen is the founder and artistic director for the media artist collective, Videotage, and a member of the curatorial /organizing committee for the Microwave International Media Art Festival and many media art events in Hong Kong. Her works have been exhibited internationally including the Asia Pacific Triennial (1996), Cities on the Move in Vienna Session (1998), Hot Pot: Chinese Contemporary Art in Oslo (2001), Hong Kong Pavilion in Venice Biennale (2001), O.K. Centre of Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria (2002).

Lee Kit
Born in Hong Kong in 1978, Lee Kit graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong at 2003. His works were among selected entries in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition in 2001 and 2003. Other exhibitions include Intimate Re-collection at Hanart TZ Gallery (2004), Painting?Un-painting, 1a Space (2003), Fotanian - Open Day of Fotan Studios, Fotan Industrial District (2003 & 2004), Sh… - Paintings by Au Hoi Lam and Lee Kit, Fringe Club (1999), etc, and solo exhibition Painting Furniture, Yiliu Painting Factory, Fo Tan (2001).

About the curator

Leung Chi Wo
Born in Hong Kong in 1968, Leung Chi Wo graduated with a MFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has exhibited in Hong Kong, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Oslo, Vienna, Hamburg and Toronto as an artist. Awards received include the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship (1997), Urban Council Award of the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial (1996) and the First Prize in Sculpture from the Philippe Charriol Foundation (1995). He held a solo exhibition in the Queens Museum of Art, New York in 2000 and participated in the Venice Biennale in 2001. As a founding member of Para/Site Leung has also curated and co-ordinated projects including Materia Prima (1999), Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (2000), Space Traffic (2001) & Social Club (2002), etc.


CDL Singapore Sculpture Award reports that the CDL Singapore Sculpture Award judging took place today at Republic Plaza, and the winning entries, due to be announced by Citidevelopments, will send a strong signal as to the direction of Sculpture practice in Singapore.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dear all

If you are looking for UK or UK-related arts events/activities in Singapore, why not try searching for it on our website:

It is by no means complete as we have only just started with this new format.

NB: If you are organising or planning to organise a UK or UK-related arts event, do let us know and where possible we will help you publicise it here.



Dear All

For your information.

Ker Lay Hong
Arts Executive
British Council, 30 Napier Road, Singapore 258509
T +65 6473 1111, D +65 6470 7167, F +65 6472 1010,,
The United Kingdom's international organisation for educational
opportunities and cultural relations.
We are registered in England as a charity and in Singapore as charity
number 0768.


Cardiff festival of creative technology
28th - 30th October 2005

MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES is Cardiff's inaugural festival of
creative technology - a three-day programme of events being held across
capital. The festival is being developed between bloc and Chapter. The
residency programme for the festival is supported and managed by Cywaith
Cymru/Artworks Wales), the national organisation for public art in
The festival residencies are supported through the National Lottery
celebration of Cardiff 2005.

Festival Theme:
Artists are increasingly engaged with or inspired by digital technology
exploring consumer and communication technologies such as the worldwide
web, mobile networks, file sharing, and computer gaming. Because digital
technology is a participatory medium with global reach, artists tend to
explore digital technology in the context of public and shared spheres.
Often digital art is situated somewhere between public art - albeit in a
dematerialised form - and street culture where the technology itself is
used as a 'site' for the production and presentation of art works.
digital technology is often claimed to go beyond physical limitations,
engagement with technology is always embedded in, or grounded in, real
spaces and places whether this is explored from a user or network

MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES is looking for three artist/s-in-
Wales, UK

Further information on the residencies is available on Bloc's website -

This is an independent organisation - please do not contact the British

Deadlines: Posted applications for all residencies should be sent to
by FRIDAY 29th APRIL 2005.
Bloc has relaunched its website. Visit it now at and
the bloc network.

Dr Emma Posey
The Cross

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Our home for the arts Funics LRT@59B is finally ready for arts lovers.

It is an arts space created for arts enthusiasts by artists. Yup, it is that simple. We believe that arts could be nurtured with a right environment. For fine arts courses, especially, we understand the need for a conducive studio environment to get the creative juices running. Hence, our first series of arts courses focus on fine arts, an art form that transforms many people in shaping their perspectives in life. Our concept of an all-rounded studio is the first step of progress in nurturing artists in Singapore.

A little info on our space, perhaps, will help you better understand what we are doing here @59B (a more affectionate term we would like to use). The space is created and designed for a variety of arts events, ranging from visual, fine and performing arts. It is a space where artists (or would be artists) could work to advance themselves so as to become better and more creative. Many young artists, or others who have dreams to become artists, have limitations in renting spaces to create their work, while some artists-to-be are challenged to seek for the right place to learn more about their art. @59B aims to provide that space for you, so that you could continue sharpen your skills in a safe environment, not to mention qualified and caring artist-teachers.

Do visit our little shop front at, or to physically visit us at 59B, Jalan Besar; maybe, a call to our friendly course co-ordinator Shawn at 6296-2196 should he be out meeting friends like you, would be a great way to allow us share our arts house with you.


Mixed Reality Lab invites you to:

Stepping Stones in the Mist
A talk by Paul Brown on Art & Technology

Date : 20 April 2005 ( Wednesday )
Time : 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm (Registration at 12.15 pm)
Venue : Singapore Computer Society (SCS) Resource Centre, 53 Neil Road,
Singapore 088891

This talk is a idiosyncratic and non-rigorous account of my work as
an artist who has been involved in the field now known as Artificial
Life for over 30 years.

The title is a metaphor for my self view as an artist, and individual.
A long time ago I stepped off the bank of a misty river or lake and
onto a line of stepping stones. Now, many years later, the stepping
stones are shrouded in the mist. Those behind me are dimmed by the
mists of memory and those in front are hidden by the mists of
uncertainty. The one in front of me is quite clear (as is the one
behind) but then they quickly fade as they progress. I have no idea
what lies on the further bank, or indeed if such a shore even exists!
Memories of the bank I left are now long eroded. I only really know
where I am at this moment or, perhaps, where I have just been.

In his 38-year career as an artist Paul Brown's principal concern has been
the systematic exploration of surface. Since 1974 his main tool has
been the computational and generative process. He has since established
a significant international reputation in this field of work and was
recently described by Mitchell Whitelaw as "one of the unheralded
pioneers of a-life art " (Metacreation - Art and Artificial Life,
MIT Press, 2004, pp.146, 148-152).


Talk by Paul Brown

The above talk was posted on the wita website for tomorrow, 20 April at
1230hr. In case anyone is attending, we have just been informed of a
change in venue. It is now held at Mixed Reality Lab, NUS, Dept of
Electrical and Computer Engineering 4, #06-20, 4 Engineering Drive. For
further enquiries, you can call 68746778 or 68745164.

Warmest regards,
Shirley Soh
Administrator, on behalf of WITA