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Open Call for Artists in Singapore to Submit their Portfolios for the first Singapore Biennale
Europe – Beauty in Every Corner
Opening of Europe : Beauty in Every Corner changed to 23rd June 2005 instead of 24th June 2005
un-titled Gallery – Eve Ong’s Second Solo Exhibition
Gaffer Studio Glass: Contemporary Australian Studio Glass Exhibition
Eve Ong and her Self-Unveiled II
3D Computer Animation Course
Movement in Silence – Silence in Movement
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04/07/2002 - 04/13/2002
04/14/2002 - 04/20/2002
04/21/2002 - 04/27/2002
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05/12/2002 - 05/18/2002
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06/30/2002 - 07/06/2002
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07/21/2002 - 07/27/2002
08/04/2002 - 08/10/2002
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08/25/2002 - 08/31/2002
09/01/2002 - 09/07/2002
09/08/2002 - 09/14/2002
09/15/2002 - 09/21/2002
09/29/2002 - 10/05/2002
10/06/2002 - 10/12/2002
10/13/2002 - 10/19/2002
10/20/2002 - 10/26/2002
10/27/2002 - 11/02/2002
11/03/2002 - 11/09/2002
11/10/2002 - 11/16/2002
11/17/2002 - 11/23/2002
11/24/2002 - 11/30/2002
12/01/2002 - 12/07/2002
12/08/2002 - 12/14/2002
12/15/2002 - 12/21/2002
12/22/2002 - 12/28/2002
12/29/2002 - 01/04/2003
01/05/2003 - 01/11/2003
01/12/2003 - 01/18/2003
01/19/2003 - 01/25/2003
01/26/2003 - 02/01/2003
02/02/2003 - 02/08/2003
02/09/2003 - 02/15/2003
02/16/2003 - 02/22/2003
02/23/2003 - 03/01/2003
03/02/2003 - 03/08/2003
03/09/2003 - 03/15/2003
03/16/2003 - 03/22/2003
03/23/2003 - 03/29/2003
03/30/2003 - 04/05/2003
04/06/2003 - 04/12/2003
04/20/2003 - 04/26/2003
04/27/2003 - 05/03/2003
05/04/2003 - 05/10/2003
05/11/2003 - 05/17/2003
05/18/2003 - 05/24/2003
05/25/2003 - 05/31/2003
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06/15/2003 - 06/21/2003
06/22/2003 - 06/28/2003
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07/13/2003 - 07/19/2003
07/20/2003 - 07/26/2003
07/27/2003 - 08/02/2003
08/03/2003 - 08/09/2003
08/10/2003 - 08/16/2003
08/17/2003 - 08/23/2003
08/24/2003 - 08/30/2003
08/31/2003 - 09/06/2003
09/07/2003 - 09/13/2003
09/14/2003 - 09/20/2003
09/21/2003 - 09/27/2003
09/28/2003 - 10/04/2003
10/05/2003 - 10/11/2003
10/12/2003 - 10/18/2003
10/19/2003 - 10/25/2003
10/26/2003 - 11/01/2003
11/02/2003 - 11/08/2003
11/09/2003 - 11/15/2003
11/16/2003 - 11/22/2003
11/23/2003 - 11/29/2003
11/30/2003 - 12/06/2003
12/07/2003 - 12/13/2003
12/14/2003 - 12/20/2003
12/21/2003 - 12/27/2003
01/18/2004 - 01/24/2004
01/25/2004 - 01/31/2004
02/01/2004 - 02/07/2004
02/08/2004 - 02/14/2004
02/15/2004 - 02/21/2004
02/22/2004 - 02/28/2004
02/29/2004 - 03/06/2004
03/07/2004 - 03/13/2004
03/21/2004 - 03/27/2004
03/28/2004 - 04/03/2004
04/04/2004 - 04/10/2004
04/11/2004 - 04/17/2004
04/18/2004 - 04/24/2004
04/25/2004 - 05/01/2004
05/02/2004 - 05/08/2004
05/09/2004 - 05/15/2004
05/16/2004 - 05/22/2004
05/23/2004 - 05/29/2004
05/30/2004 - 06/05/2004
06/06/2004 - 06/12/2004
06/13/2004 - 06/19/2004
06/20/2004 - 06/26/2004
06/27/2004 - 07/03/2004
07/04/2004 - 07/10/2004
07/11/2004 - 07/17/2004
07/18/2004 - 07/24/2004
07/25/2004 - 07/31/2004
08/01/2004 - 08/07/2004
08/08/2004 - 08/14/2004
08/15/2004 - 08/21/2004
09/05/2004 - 09/11/2004
09/12/2004 - 09/18/2004
09/19/2004 - 09/25/2004
09/26/2004 - 10/02/2004
10/03/2004 - 10/09/2004
10/10/2004 - 10/16/2004
10/17/2004 - 10/23/2004
10/24/2004 - 10/30/2004
10/31/2004 - 11/06/2004
11/07/2004 - 11/13/2004
11/14/2004 - 11/20/2004
11/21/2004 - 11/27/2004
11/28/2004 - 12/04/2004
12/05/2004 - 12/11/2004
12/12/2004 - 12/18/2004
12/19/2004 - 12/25/2004
12/26/2004 - 01/01/2005
01/02/2005 - 01/08/2005
01/09/2005 - 01/15/2005
01/16/2005 - 01/22/2005
01/23/2005 - 01/29/2005
01/30/2005 - 02/05/2005
02/06/2005 - 02/12/2005
02/20/2005 - 02/26/2005
02/27/2005 - 03/05/2005
03/06/2005 - 03/12/2005
03/13/2005 - 03/19/2005
03/20/2005 - 03/26/2005
03/27/2005 - 04/02/2005
04/03/2005 - 04/09/2005
04/10/2005 - 04/16/2005
04/17/2005 - 04/23/2005
04/24/2005 - 04/30/2005
05/01/2005 - 05/07/2005
05/08/2005 - 05/14/2005
05/15/2005 - 05/21/2005
05/22/2005 - 05/28/2005
05/29/2005 - 06/04/2005
06/05/2005 - 06/11/2005
06/19/2005 - 06/25/2005
07/10/2005 - 07/16/2005
09/25/2005 - 10/01/2005

Saturday, June 28, 2003

>Will you be doing anything special for Nature Day? It
>will be held at Bugis Junction, from Aug 1- 3 (Monday
>- Sunday).
>Some of us have plan to print t-shirt using woodblock
> / silkscreen method. Visitors are encouraged to get
> their t-shirt, bag, stamped with the special designs
> made by NSS members. No charge for stamping but we
> ask them to make a donation to NSS. We need help
>with this project.
>What sort of help do we need?
>1) provide designs. I've asked a number of pigeonhole
>members and they've agreed to provide some designs. I
>believe you may have done something similar during
>your art classes. Would you like to contribute a
>design? Our theme is very broad, anything related to
>2) woodblock carving. Transfer design on the
>woodblock. Perhaps you have done this?
>3) on the 3 days of Nature Day, volunteers assist in transfering design
>onto visitors t-shirts etc.
>4) publicity : to encourage members of the public
>and NSS members to bring along their used t-shirts
>stamped and refresh an old thing. We plan to get the
>media's help for this part of the work and to ask
>members to spread the word.


You Are Cordially Invited
To The Opening Of
On 3rd July 2003, 7pm

Mr Kwok Kian Chow
Director, Singapore Art Museum

Ahmad Shukri, a young Malaysian artist has emerged very prominently in Asia’s Contemporary art community. His art engages outwards with the world, looking at the impending warfare, genetic engineering, cultural differences and ethnicity. Shukri thereby alludes to society’s attempts to find balance and control through social approval and environmental control. Scraps of scrawled text, images of found objects where nature and culture morph into each other.

Shukri’s new series of works titled “Virus” has very simple yet symbolic icons, each carrying a message to the audience. Shukri’s works speaks of the similarities between virus (known as disease) and virus (as influences of different cultures), that we are oblivious to the virus (as influences of different cultures) thus resulting in an unimaginable, manifestation of chaos in the society. The merge of influences brings forth a mutation that will rise with every new generation that’s bred to believe.

Looking at the outside world, exploring cultural and global events against his immediate environment.

Also Special Feature by Umibaizurah Ismail. Based on the context of preservation and conservation, she is raising an awareness to protect the nature that we were once surrounded by abundance, to appreciate it’s beauty and life form that it’s carrying, through the constant emerging concrete blocks we are building, to find a balance between nature and man-made, that what life may be? if every mores of beauty in nature are extinguished by man himself.

Address: Art Seasons. The Box. No.5 Gemmill Lane. Singapore 069261
Tel: +65 6221 1800 Fax: +65 6221 3380
Art Seasons is located off Club Street, opposite Far East Square
(Please find Location map attached for your convenience)
Opening hours of gallery: Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm
Saturday from 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays (by appointment only)


‘STORM’ pixxel motion art 2003
stormbaynetwork@pier7eight of the esplanade bridge

A new media public art event presented
by The Artists Village

‘STORM’ is a one-night public art event that exhibits a series of internationaland local contemporary video-art works that explores the cross-disciplinary artistic practices with media technology

date & duration:
friday night 4th july 2003 ~7 pm till 11 pm

‘STORM’ location:
‘STORM’ site is situated at the underpass between pier 7 & 8 of the esplanade bridge. (next to the esplanade theatre-on-the bay)

contact persons: Agnes Yit (event organiser) 9828 6427-Mb
Kai Lam (event co-ordinator) 9781 0302-Mb
Tien Woon (video editor) 9238 6609-Mb

project mailing address:
block 101, pasir ris street 12, #12 - 31, singapore 510101

public art event

‘STORM’ questions the aesthetic art object, critique on the meaning of art, and attempts to find ways to address concerns that are far away from the confines of the art gallery and the elaborate art system that supports it. Thus it aims to be a public art event. Through this one-night event, audience can get to experience the exhibition and have a new way of looking at public spaces from an interesting angle. ‘STORM’ will be presented in a public space to bring contemporary art to the public domain in order to encourage a heightened appreciation on the arts that is happening in public spaces. This project is motivated to the possibilities of having interesting and creative video-art works happening in the midst of urban environment of Singapore and encouraging a new genre of art appreciation by crowds that don't normally go to art galleries. In this way, we hope to find new audiences that truly appreciate the arts and to create vibrancy in the ways to experience cultural activities. Audiences will be able to enjoy video-art works that are screened onto the bridge concrete structures supporting the Esplanade bridge at the underpass between Esplanade theatre-on-the-bay and Esplanade Park. Physical video installations will be set up at the underpass and various video works are projected under the facade of the bridge for audiences to experience. The artworks will engage with viewer’s senses through the interplay of projected images to raise awareness of the interaction between art and technology.

art and media technology

‘STORM’ will be presenting artworks of technological nature; video / digital image art, sound art, time-based art and installation art. These artworks will amplify and encourage the perception and awareness of technologies’ influence in our daily life.

The artworks that are presented are centralized on the different approaches in using media/s and technology to create images of representational issues and ideas and to communicate and raise certain discourses on Art & Technology.

Participating artists of ‘STORM’ are multi-disciplinary artists, visual artists and performance artists who practice with media technology as a tool of communication. They have created an array of artworks that explored and examined the overwhelming of media effect, reflecting on cultural and social implications of technology as well as their very own day-to-day experiences that locates this theme as a subject matter in their artworks.

‘STORM’ aims to provide a platform for individuals and various artists, both locally and internationally in their participation and experimentation with visual languages that is executed through video medium or other related technological format that includes animation & the internet, which has become an accelerated communicating media-tool in the new millennium. ‘STORM’ hopes to propel the Singapore City as a cultural hub in the region that is advance in new-media tools as a form of cultural communication.

local and overseas artists participated in
‘STORM’ pixxel motion art 2003

1. Malaysia/ Singapore
2. Australia
3. Australia
4. Germany
5. Japan
6. United Kingdom
7. United Kingdom
8. Austria
9. Malaysia
10. Japan
11. Singapore
12. Austria
13. Turkey
14. Japan
15. Singapore
16. Singapore
17. Singapore
18. Hong Kong
19. Singapore
20. Singapore
21. Australia
22. Australia
23. Singapore
24. Singapore
25. Singapore
26. Germany

‘STORM’ pixxel motion art 2003 is funded by The National Arts Council, sponsored by BlueScreen Communications Pte Ltd and with support from Singapore Land Authority, Land Transport Authority, Singapore Tourism Board, The Sandwich Shop and Independent New Media Art Center


Thursday, June 26, 2003

Captain Monkey vs the Nasty Cockroach

an exhibition by Zainudin Samsuri and Jezlyn Tan

exhibition opens on Thursday, 10 July 2003 . 7pm
and continues to run till Saturday, 26 July 2003

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome hit Singapore in late March 2003.
Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched on April Fool’s Day, 1st April 2003.

The recent war issues have been difficult to ignore. The recent war issues have been disturbing. The spread of SARS has disrupted our way of living and viewing things, what can we do about it and how do we live with it?
The launch of war against Iraq has greatly affected our views on power and freedom, who is to dictate our actions as being right or wrong, who is more powerful and who is in charge? Where do we go from here?

The idea of “versus” suggests a challenge, a fight between two parties. But it is no longer important who will emerge as the winner, rather it is how we deal with the fact that the match has already begun.

Sculptors, Zainudin Samsuri and Jezlyn Tan ponder over the roles and responsibilities of the individual in times like these.

media reviews and interviews welcome:

61 Kerbau Road
Singapore 219185
Tel: 65 6 292 7783
Fax: 65 6 292 2936
Open: Tuesdays - Saturdays 11am - 6pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays



Beautiful Icelandic travelers go round the world celebrating Artist’s 40th Birthday!

Meet them at Sculpture Square on 1st July 2003…

Corridor Gallery, Sculpture Square

1st July to 30th August 2003

Office hours only

Weekdays 10am to 5pm, Saturday 10am to 12noon

Closed on public holidays

Press the doorbell to be shown upstairs to Sculpture Square’s private corridor gallery where you’ll find gorgeous Icelandic travelers celebrating the 40th birthday of Icelandic artist Aðalheiður Eysteinsdóttir!

Sculpture Square has been chosen by Eysteinsdóttir as one of the 40 venues for her worldwide solo exhibition 40 Exhibitions in 40 days. The first exhibition opens in Iceland on the artist’s actual birthday, 23 June 2003. On each of the 40 days thereafter, the exhibition will open somewhere in the world, in galleries or even peoples’ homes, and will run for as long as the local host sees fit. Other host countries include Finland, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Namibia, Norway, Switzerland and the US. Eysteinsdóttir plans to compile photographs of the 40 exhibition openings and publish a book at the end of the project.

40 Exhibitions in 40 days features Eysteinsdóttir’s exquisite wood figures of different heights with cut-out faces from magazines or photographs. These tiny whimsical sculptures have their bodies and clothing painted on by the artist, who has come up with this unique way to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Also, don’t miss this rare opportunity to explore Sculpture Square’s historically rich conserved buildings which were first built in 1870 as a Baba Methodist church. Unlike its other exhibitions, 40 Exhibitions in 40 days will only be open to the public during regular office hours. You will need to press the doorbell to be allowed access to Sculpture Square’s private corridor gallery on the 2nd floor of the Lower Gallery building, an area normally closed to the public

Sculpture Square is only art space in Singapore devoted to the development of 3D art and is located at the junction of Middle Rd and Waterloo St, a 5-minute walk from Bugis MRT Station. For more information, please email or call 6333-1055. Our website address is


by Enrique Castanon

Exhibition Dates: June 12th - 28th, 2003

Venue: Sunjin Galleries (S) Pte Ltd
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#03-62 Work Loft @ Chip Bee (directly above the restaurant "Original Sin")

Tel: 6738-2317
Fax: 6738-0583


Sunday, June 22, 2003

Singapore Art Society Mini Painting Exhibition 2003

Kreta Ayer Community Center
21st June 2003 3 pm opening
Exhibition from 19th to 25th June 2003


Choy Ka Fai & Keith Su : Misfits
July 17th - 23rd, 2003
Front.Room.Gallery is located at 70a Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483. The contact numbers are 65.63980372.

Misfits is not a retaliation or resistance of the system. It is rather a process whereby we find ourselves searching for acceptance in the things that we believe. It is amoral, not good or bad. Besides, who defines what? Who decide who is the ‘center’ or the ‘marginal’? Is it the people themselves or an insane society? There is no longer an absolute finality in our world that keeps falling apart.

Many question will be ask, not many will be realized. We hope to expand the boundaries of our semiotics visuals language with a tapestry of untold stories, unknowns sound, unrealized ideas, unfamiliar faces, ‘unexperience’ happenings that are all images from and by the ‘margin’.

Although there may not be an exact story to tell, we have something that we want to say. What we experience, what we feel and what we had, since day one of our art making. We always want to say something, something on the mundane life, of our forgotten reality, of our social existence.

Choy Ka Fai manages his ‘misfit’ status very pragmatically - his works are ambitious and yet his concepts are somewhat critical of the trappings of ‘spectacle’. He works with video and physical performance and his open, passionately controlled temperament (paradox intended) allows him to collaborate in the real sense of the word - reliably and generously.

Keith Su is a visual artist and musician and his videos e.g. midnight run (at the station there hides a cowboy) demonstrate a remarkable sense of timing between the movement of sound and visual images. His is also a passion-driven ambition and he too accepts the challenge of juggling with the multi-disciplinary aspects of his work and this collaboration.

‘ Misfits’ has been described by these collaborators as "experimental" - "a tapestry of images from and by the ‘margin’." Here then, through this inspired collaboration, we encounter - and perhaps even identify with - the meandering, ever-intriguing delights of existence as experienced on the ‘margins’ - and, as they question cheerfully - who defines what is ‘marginal’ in a world that "keeps falling apart"?

Susie Lingham, lecturer
Fine Arts, Lasalle SIA College of the Arts


Orita.Sinclair.Int'l. - School of Art and New Media offers a Diploma in New Media Art

Through this programme, the School provides the opportunity to pursue a career in the Visual Arts such as Graphic Design, Classical (cartoon) Animation, CG Animation, Video and Digital Film Production and Web Design development and techniques.

The Course is designed to fulfill the needs of today’s growing industry of media experts and those whose ambition is to use technology to create art and anticipate its future.

The Course designers and lecturers are professionals and experts with significant experience in both related industries and art education. The School has established a strong curriculum which creates equal opportunities for technical, conceptual and creative development. The curriculum itself is fully approved by the Ministry of Education.

The teaching process is conceptualized to lead the candidates through acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques in order to create an industry standard portfolio. Candidates will develop an awareness of basic perception, graphic design skills and theories to classical and computer graphics animation, digital imaging, video techniques as well as interactive web and media design.

The Diploma focuses on the candidates’ professional development as individuals, fully utilizing their creative potential. To maximize the teaching process, the programme requires close
cooperation between students and lecturers as well as amongst the students themselves in order to simulate an Industry Team situation. Understanding that contact time with lecturers is critical for proper and dedicated teaching, the School has designed the course to take in no more than ten students per class.

Project based studying is a very important part of the course. This means steps are taken to boost imagination and creativity through industry simulated projects. These include presentations, discussions, brainstorming and final production. These projects follow a structure which the School calls Creative Intelligence Learning.

The duration of the Diploma in New Media Art is 600 hours which is taught within nine months and is divided into four terms. This compressed programme is created to bring candidates closer to a profession in New Media while saving them time and expense.

Candidates will be required to put in additional hours for self study. The School will assist all its candidates by providing a desktop computer which can be taken home and used during their study at no extra charge.

Understanding the concerns of some candidates regarding financial matters, the School offers different modes of payments to suit their financial capabilities.

The number of students for the July 2003 intake is limited exclusively to 24 students.

Tha Art and New Media School - Orita Sinclair is located at 70a Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483. The contact numbers are 65.63980372.


Orita.Sinclair.Int’l - Front.Room.Gallery is proud to present GOSSIP : Their Eyes Are Watching by young New Media Artist, Hazel Leong.

Ms Leong’s concept for her interactive art work originates from her personal experience of having lived in a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat for the past twenty three years. Her work is a study of the women who gather daily to watch and gossip about the people who walk by.

In Gossip the viewers become immediately involved and play the role of the passer by. With 'eyes' watching and whispers at every move, the viewer will begin to feel disturbed and uncomfortable very quickly, especially when it becomes obvious that the gossip is malicious and becomes louder as backs are turned. Women who have perhaps too much time on their hands and who may even be jealous of those who have a 'little' more enjoyment out of life have their eyes displayed on monitors. While their eyes follow the viewers every move, their gossip can be heard.

The stage is set with only the movement of eyes as visuals and voices. Together with the visuals and sound, Ms Leong integrates the use of technology to complete the stage. Ms Leong’s art is successful in creating an interactive environment especially when it requires and depends on the audience’s participation.

The Artist
Ms Hazel Leong is one of Singapore’s budding new media artists. A Bachelor of Art graduate in Multimedia Art from The Birmingham Institute of Art & Design at the University of Central England, she intends to pursue passion for art and develop her career as a New Media Artist.

Their Eyes Are Watching is the first solo exhibition by Ms Hazel Leong.


Front.Room Gallery

The Front.Room.Gallery is a project undertaken by Orita.Sinclair.Int'l.Pte.Ltd. in order to contribute to Singapore’s versatile Art scene.

The main concept of the Gallery is to promote well known and recognized international artists in Visual and New Media Arts and at the same time to support and encourage young artists from Singapore.

The main objective is to create an open concept, a small exhibition space where the audience can be provided with the full concept of art presentation and appreciation.

The choice of location for Front.Room.Gallery itself reflects the idea of quiet enjoyment of exhibited art pieces. Choosing the beautiful conservation area of Bussorah Street, the founders choose to marry the two worlds of Singapore - the modern and busy environment of Bugis and Beach road and the serene and peaceful ambience of Kampong Glam.

With each exhibition there will be a special edition of postcards printed in limited circulation and numerated to be kept as a collectible. For specially interested groups or individuals, we provide private viewings by appointment where the exhibition can be enjoyed over a cup of tea or coffee. Included will be details on each art work.

Front.Room.Gallery also welcomes students and teachers and is happy to present to them any of the exhibitions including information on the artists and their works.

Following the fact that Singapore has a good ear and listens to the world’s heartbeat, Front.Room.Gallery is happy to contribute by giving a piece of the world to Singapore and the spirit of Singapore to the world. At the end of the day, Art is the noble way of Communication.

Front.Room.Gallery is 600 sq ft in size with an additional expansion of 250sq ft.

The ceiling lights are diffused warm white with a total of 1200W, combined with directional spotlights with optional 20 spots at 60W each.

Gallery provides additional exhibiting panels, pedestals, sound facillities, LCD projectors, screens, VCR, VCD and DVD players, TV monitors and CPU+Flatscreen LCD monitors as regular facillities.

69 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199382 :: t/f +65.63980372 / 63980276 '