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Opening of Europe : Beauty in Every Corner changed to 23rd June 2005 instead of 24th June 2005
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Saturday, October 05, 2002


Sculpture Square

TAY Swee Lin
General Manager, Sculpture Square

Jeremy HIAH Buang Hoe
Claire LIM Sheau Shih
Benjamin PUAH
TAN Wee Lit

9 Oct 2002 - 1 Dec 2002

11am to 6pm (weekdays)
12pm to 6pm (weekends)
Closed on Public Holidays

Sculpture Square
155 Middle Road
Singapore 188977



To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Sculpture Square presents BLINDSPOT: INFRINGE THE OBVIOUS - a showcase of Singapore's young artistic talent. Jeremy Hiah, Claire Lim, Benjamin Puah and Tan Wee Lit will appraise Sculpture Square as a site, and in so doing, challenge our perception of time and space through site-specific installation art. Playing with the concept of the "blind spot", they grapple with issues as diverse as space, judgement, violence, globalisation, and man and his environment.


The eye's retina receives and reacts to incoming light and sends signals to the brain, allowing you to see. There is, however, a part of the retina that does not provide visual information - the blind spot.

"Is there a blind spot in our vision? Do we even notice it?" asks Tay Swee Lin, exhibition curator and General Manager of Sculpture Square. "In many ways, the brain adds significantly to the visual report it gets from the eyes, influencing what we see. As our perception of space and time is relative, what we see - or what we think we see - may not necessarily be what it is in reality."

With this phenomenon emerged the curatorial focus of this exhibition - a questioning and challenging of our visual perception in accessing our world.


Jeremy HIAH: "Aliennation"

A video installation based on a virus morphing into an insect into an animal and back into an insect and virus. This work explores our metaphoric states of being that exist in the "mind's eye".

Claire LIM: "Hidden Ghost" (2002)

Heads of soft toys hang from the wall with outstretched arms, representing the ghost of items, people or relationships which we have abandoned, destroyed and murdered. This beautiful installation explores the violence that has been packaged into our daily lives - a haunting reminder of the cruelty that happens everyday, even if we choose not to see it.

Benjamin PUAH: " 'Nothing to see,' said Ben " (2002)

A dark room containing items and experiences that are not viewed but explored with the other senses and reconstructed in the mind's eye. To the artist, the onslaught of visual experiences in today's shrinking world possibly spells the end of cultural diversity. By blindfolding audiences, he invites them to slow down, experience and perceive the moment - and reflect on the consequences of each step they take.

TAN Wee Lit: "Ignorance is Bliss" (2002)

Quirky humour and cynical sarcasm in this mixed-media work involving optical illusions will provoke the viewer to take a step back and laugh at himself.

Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, will launch BLINDSPOT: INFRINGE THE OBVIOUS on Tues, 8 October 2002, 7.15pm at Sculpture Square.


In conjunction with the exhibition, the 4 artists will also be conducting workshops for children and teenagers in November. Contact Sculpture Square for more


Misty Air
By Korean multimedia artist Yang Man-Ki
21 October to 17 November 2002

Join us to celebrate Yang Man-Ki's first solo exhibition in Singapore
24 October, Thursday, 7pm to 9pm

Guest of Honor
His Excellency Hahm Myung Chul
Ambassador to the Embassy of Korea (to confirm by tomorrow)

Also join us for a talk on "Artemide - the Art of Light"
Organized by Abraxas Designs, Singapore's lighting and furniture specialist.
1 November, Friday, 6:30pm

RSVP: or 6221-1800

Courtesy of Artemide


Friday, October 04, 2002


Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay welcomes its first key tenant, library@esplanade, Singapore's first Performing Arts Library.

This partnership between the National Library Board and Esplanade marks a new milestone in the development of arts in Singapore that will enhance the role of arts in the lives of Singaporeans. With a shared commitment to promote arts to everyone in Singapore, library@esplanade aims to make arts not just a leisure activity, but also an intrinsic part of people's daily lives.

library@esplanade will be a first-of-its-kind in the region, pioneering the bridging of the arts and life through breakthrough activities, and broadening the perception of arts in Singapore. The Library's location at Esplanade Mall as well as its generous and vibrant offerings of performing arts activities, will pave the way for arts to reach out to the "man on the street", in particular the visitors to the Mall, and a wider audience. Through innovative ideas such as mobile art trolleys and kiosks located throughout Esplanade, cyber-art, special art corners and events within the library, library@esplanade will take on a larger role as a cultural centre - a 'window to the arts' and agent of change in how people perceive the arts, thereby differentiating itself from other community libraries.

"Arts is an intrinsic part of our lives. Too often, people have a narrow view of the arts, that it is only a recreation reserved for a particular segment of the population. Particularly in multi-racial Singapore, arts - be it dance, drama, music or any other genre - forms the very threads of our social fabric. Our task, with arts as the instrument, is not only to entertain and engage, but also to educate and inspire so that arts can effectively enrich the lives of all Singaporeans. The National Library Board and Esplanade welcome this opportunity not only to challenge people's perceptions of art, but also to seamlessly integrate the arts into our daily lives," says Mr. Benson Puah, Chief Executive Officer, The Esplanade Co Ltd.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for both the National Library Board and Esplanade. This partnership is truly synergistic. Firstly, libraries are cultural centres, with the objective of promoting an understanding of the arts and culture, furthering Singapore's aspiration to be a Renaissance City. Being NLB's first theme library, Esplanade provides us with a strategic setting where the primary focus is the discovery, education and celebration of arts through access to a rich knowledge base that ignites imagination and opens up possibilities. More importantly, however, this partnership is the culmination of a shared commitment to challenge and change the landscape and horizon of the arts in Singapore," says Dr. Christopher Chia, Chief Executive, National Library Board.

The library@esplanade located on the third level of Esplanade Mall, occupies 2,380 square metres, which represents approximately 27% of the Mall's total retail space. As an integral part of the total experience at Esplanade, library@esplanade will serve as a rich resource of information for art-lovers and the public alike. Specifically, when performances or visual arts exhibitions are held at Esplanade, the Library will act as a learning centre for members of the public to gather information about the works, artists or exhibits and to learn about the arts. By so doing, the library will bring to life 'textbook art', transforming imagery in books into real life and merging life and arts.

Besides a comprehensive literary and multimedia collection on the performing arts, the Library will also serve as a community library to Singaporeans from all walks of life. A cafe fronting the library will provide the perfect pairing to the library's prose and poetry.

"With the opening of library@esplanade, we hope to support the performing arts community in their creativity efforts, and also draw more Singaporeans to arts by providing an exciting performing arts collection and programmes to attract them to Esplanade. We hope to create a seamless experience by bringing the library into the Esplanade and the Esplanade into the library. By doing so, we are confident that we will create a total performing arts library experience that is unique to this very special library," says Ms Ngian Lek Choh, Senior Director, Library Services.

Located at Marina Bay, Esplanade Mall is part of Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore's largest performing arts centre. Spanning over 8,600 square metres and three storeys, Esplanade Mall will offer an exciting and diverse retail mix as well as a selection of 15 unique food and entertainment outlets, completing Esplanade and its offerings of performing arts activities.

Esplanade Mall, managed by The Esplanade Co Ltd, is a 10-minute walk from City Hall MRT Station via underground links.

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is a performing arts centre for everyone. Opening October 2002, the arts centre is managed by The Esplanade Co Ltd and comprises a 1,600-seat Concert Hall (with 200 additional seats in the gallery), a 2,000-seat Theatre, a 250-seat Recital Studio, a 200-seat Theatre Studio, a rehearsal studio, outdoor performing spaces and Esplanade Mall.


Artist Feature

Chong Fah Cheong

Born in Singapore in 1946.

A self- taught Singaporean sculptor who has gained international recognition, Chong Fah Chong works with wood, stone and also in bronze. He resides in Canada where he is able to find the materials he likes, namely wood. His wood sculptures are soft and rhythmic. His works can be seen along the sculpture trail at Fullerton Quayside and are in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum.



collaborator Heman Chong is back from the Royal College of Art, London.

do check out his exhibition opening on Friday 4/10/2002 at the Substation


[ * * * ]

///////The End of Travelling (Trip to Asiatown and Back)
///////////a new video-installation by
///Heman Chong / Isabelle Cornaro

//////////Private View :

////// 04 October 2002
////// The Substation Gallery (entry via garden door)
////// 7pm
/////////////// Exhibition continues till 13 October

Cocktails and Nibbles will be served

Featuring video interviews with
Wong Hoy Cheong, Heri Dono, Lee Wen,
Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Hou Hanru,
Pico Iyer, Rem Koolhaas


Wednesday, October 02, 2002

The Asialink Centre is a non-academic department of The University of Melbourne supported by the Myer Foundation and the University of Melbourne.

The Asialink Centre promotes public understanding of the countries of Asia and creates links with Asian counterparts.

Asialink enables Australians to contribute to and benefit from the dynamism of Asia through three major programs:

Corporate and Public Programs
Asia Education Foundation

Asialink is a key provider of information, training and professional networks.


one-north is looking for unique, innovative and revolutionary public artworkto make Biopolis different from the conventional research developments in Singapore. Biopolis will be the first iconic building for the one-north masterplan. The Arts Program therefore presents an exciting opportunity to allow for and to encourage artistic experimentation within the one-north community.


Biopolis Arts Program
an initiative of the one-north arts program

one-north Development Group (oDG) of JTC Corporation will be launching the first Biopolis Arts Program@one-north on the 14th May 2002.

oDG supports the nurturing of the local and overseas arts community, by way of co-developing and funding the art programs in one-north. All major developmental projects in one-north will be encouraged to contribute towards the funding of significant artwork in-situ.

For our inaugural program, we are delighted to invite three local art and design schools to participate in this program, namely: LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Temasek Polytechnic Design School. In all, we hope to:

(a) bridge the gap between the industry and educational institutions through close collaborations,

(b) nurture a community that embraces the test-bedding of new ideas,

(c) contribute in our small way towards a vibrant arts scene and to transform Singapore into a renaissance city for the arts


Stories & Crafts

Language: Mandarin
Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Time: 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Location: Jurong East Community Library
Venue: Storytelling Room
Admission: $2 per child

This is a storytelling cum art and craft for children aged 4-10 years old. Admission is $2 per child. Limited to 40 children. Please register at the Customer Service Counter.


*Launch of DM Newsletter #15 (a feature on TAV) + Latest collections from recent projects*
organised by The Artists Village
on 5 Oct 2002 (Sat)
from 3 - 6pm

Please email us for venue details if you are interested to attend.

PO Box 276 Bras Basah Post Office S(911810)



ArtSingapore will be held in September 2002 after a successful first run in 2001. Organized by the six-year-old Art Galleries Association, this event is becoming a platform for galleries around the region to come together and showcase the contemporary Asian artworks.13 local galleries will be joined by 10 galleries from the region, from India and Myanmar, across to Indonesia and Japan. A non-proft contemporary arts company, Plastique Kinetic Worms, has purchased a booth, and will be exhibitiong their co-operative artists' works. The organizers are anticipating 15,000 visitors from around the world. ArtSingapore 2002 is on 28 September to 3 October at Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


6:30pm October 3, 2002

I Nyoman Sukari

Gajah Gallery presents "Truth & Tradition", a solo exhibition by I Nyoman Sukari. Painting works inspired by and true to the Balinese tradition, Sukari’s aggressive style sets him apart from the other artists of that region. His works are strongly imbued with an unmistakable Balinese signature that brings out the true spiritual reverence in their lives. Drawing inspiration from local culture and rituals, he depicts familiar images of Balinese daily life, while monumentalizing these mundane activities by presenting them as larger than life. As the viewer both observes and becomes part of the scene, a procession of Balinese girls glides past with their offerings, or a holy man sits amidst the mysterious swirls of burning incense.

RSVP: T:6737 4202 E:

Gajah Gallery
MITA Building 140 Hill Street #01-08 S179369
Tel: 65_6737 4202 Fax: 65_6737 4203


Tuesday, October 01, 2002


A culturally vibrant city attracts global creative talent," Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said in a televised address. "Singapore needs a few little 'Bohemias"' where artists can gather to "soak in the ambiance, and do their creative stuff."

David Lim, acting minister for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, pondered: "How do we offer more choices and create a livelier and more vibrant society, and still preserve social unity and harmony?"



"We have been talking so much about building on our strengths in creativity and design but I wonder whether Singaporeans know that we already have a strong potential in the 3-D animation industry....The 3-D animation industry is dynamic.... It covers television, film, commercials, multimedia, games, and theme parks.... It is an industry that can help boost our economy. I hope to see more attention and initiatives put in place to tap this pool of talent." says David Kwok, Chairman of the Singapore Animators Connection.



In September 2002, National Arts Council released figures showing the number of art exhibitions has quadrupled over the last 10 years. Art shows increased from 150 in 1993 to 518 last year. Between 1999 and 2000, the number increased from 406 to 520. National Arts Council attributes the surge of activity to government funding through part of the $50-million capital inflow from the Renaissance City project, and to the launch of new spaces, such as Artrium in Hill Street and Sculpture Square in Middle Road. A sub-committee of the Economic Review Committee suggested recently that a new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art be constructed at a site of reclaimed land in Marina South, Singapore. The sub-committee and the Singapore Arts community believe an experimental, cutting-edge contemporary art museum can serve to dialogue with the cultural and intellectual world.


Monday, September 30, 2002


Address: 5 Ta 27 Jawahar Nagar
Artgroup: AK Arts and Handicrafts
City: Jaipur
Comments: We have heard that in Singapore there are customers who wants to have very personal portraits for husbands. We have got artists who are highly skilled and experienced.
Pls communicate further in this respect and oblige.
Name: Ajay Kulshreshtha
Phone: 0091 141 652336
Zip: 302004


Sunday, September 29, 2002


From October 12th 2002 till January 19th 2003.



On Oct 12 2002, officials will open the Esplanade with a three-week festival the officials hope will establish Singapore in the international cultural establishment. The concert hall designed by the American acoustician Russell Johnson, whose works include the Prudential Hall in Newark and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. The distinctive aluminum sunshades of the $343 million building are said to be an architectural afterthought; the shades have been added after planners concluded the two glass domes designed to house the concert hall and theater would become greenhouses under the sultry equatorial sun.


Retrospective show of pioneer artist Liu Kang at the Singapore Art Museum

Suffering and grim faces are some of the emotions that a new exhibition of works by pioneer artist Liu Kang shows.

The artworks display 7 decades of Singaporean history.

Some of the sketches are a reminder of the atrocities sustained by local victims of the Japanese Occupation.

Among the 80 works on display, some works focus on social life in the early years of the formation of Singapore.

Diverse subjects including portraits, nudes, still life and landscapes by the 92-year-old are shown.

The exhibition will be on till November 24.


More arts proposed for Singapore schools

A high-level panel has proposed more emphasis on arts, literature and sports in Singapore schools to balance the current tilt towards science and mathematics.

The group, Economic Review Services subcommittee, aims to reform the city-state into a creative economy.

"There's this misunderstanding that we are teaching arts and sports in order to nurture artists and sportsmen," said National Arts Council chairman Liu Thai Ker.

"But the issue is that, through arts and sports, we try to inject a more creative, more competitive mindset into our students," Liu Thai Ker said.

Promoting literature, arts and sports will produce people with the characteristics and mindset to power a creative economy, Liu added.


new works
by khairuddin hori

the art gallery
national institute of education
01-31 october 2002

mondays-fridays 10am-5pm
saturdays 10am-1pm
*closed on sundays

supported by:

national arts council, singapore
national institute of education
the substation
association of artists of various resources



You are cordially invited to the opening of

Bali Passions:
Island Obsessions

Chia Hearn Chek's
first solo painting exhibition

Guest of Honour: Prof. S. Gopinathan
Dean of Foundation Programmes,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Thursday 3rd October 2002, 7.30pm
Utterly Art Exhibition Space
208 South Bridge Road Level 2
Tel: 6226 2605 Email:
The exhibition continues to 20th October 2002

As the island of Tahiti was to Paul Gauguin, so Bali has been to countless artists since it was discovered as an island paradise by foreign visitors: a source of wonderment, mystery and inspiration, and a magnet for students of life and inner spirit. Chia Hearn Chek has been similarly intoxicated by the potent brew of picture-postcard scenery, bewitching populace and mystical culture, which keeps him returning to the island incessantly. Living in Bali for the past two years, Chia has revisited academic figure painting like Bonnet and Hofker, unlike the attractive individualized stylizations of many contemporary artists. Has the straightforward depiction of the Balinese figure seen its heyday? How can one continue the tradition?