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Open Call for Artists in Singapore to Submit their Portfolios for the first Singapore Biennale
Europe – Beauty in Every Corner
Opening of Europe : Beauty in Every Corner changed to 23rd June 2005 instead of 24th June 2005
un-titled Gallery – Eve Ong’s Second Solo Exhibition
Gaffer Studio Glass: Contemporary Australian Studio Glass Exhibition
Eve Ong and her Self-Unveiled II
3D Computer Animation Course
Movement in Silence – Silence in Movement
Singapore Biennale 2006

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11/28/2004 - 12/04/2004
12/05/2004 - 12/11/2004
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12/19/2004 - 12/25/2004
12/26/2004 - 01/01/2005
01/02/2005 - 01/08/2005
01/09/2005 - 01/15/2005
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01/23/2005 - 01/29/2005
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04/03/2005 - 04/09/2005
04/10/2005 - 04/16/2005
04/17/2005 - 04/23/2005
04/24/2005 - 04/30/2005
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I am KT, editor of POST., a website on quality art and design from Singapore and

This month's feature on Lim Shing Ee:

Shing shares with us her superfluous world of furry spine balls, delicate black
holes and fantastic plastic machines. Read her interview at POST.


A Showcase of Royston Tan’s Short Films
After making stops at Chicago, London and Sapparo,
Singapore filmmaker Royston Tan’s showcase comes home
this March, to the AGF Theatre at Alliance Francaise
The Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of “Careless
Whisper” is back. He’s in love and bursting to express how he feels... in
song. Catch him in Royston Tan’s new short film, “Careless Whisperer”,
premiering at the Alliance Francaise this Easter weekend, as part of a
showcase called “0104”, which collects the best of Royston’s short films
from 2001 to 2004. Other titles in this showcase include “Cut” and “Mother”
(see appendix for synopsis). The audience can also expect some element of
live performance.
While many have heard of Royston Tan, few are actually acquainted with his
work. Even those who have seen his feature “15” may not be familiar with the
short films that he has been so prolific in producing, many of which deserve
a wider audience. “0104” thus presents a perfect opportunity for everyone to
not only see what the hype is about, but also traces Royston’s development
as one of Singapore’s most exciting filmmakers.
Screening Details
Venue: AGF Theatre, Alliance Francaise
Date & Time: 8pm, 26 Mar • 3.30pm & 7.30pm, 27 Mar
Tickets: $21 (free seating)
Duration: approx. 100min
Rating to be advised; program is subject to change.
Proceeds will go to the fund drive for Singapore filmmaker Bertrand Lee, who
is met with an accident while shooting overseas and now lies in critical
condition in need of extensive medical care and attention.
Tickets are available now at The Substation Box Office, open weekdays 12pm
to 8.30pm, and also at the door on the screening dates.
Please call the Box Office at 6337-7800 for update on rating.
For more information, please contact Ash Lim (producer)
at 9477-6253, or email ash.lim@...
Careless Whisperer (PREMIERE)
When you’re in love, your heart sings. But whether you can is another
matter. In this zany, playful new work, we get to listen in on what Patrick,
the Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of the
George Michael hit, really hears in his head... and heart.
New York Girl (PREMIERE)
Where does fakery end and genuineness begin? In this comedy with a heart
that is disguised as a social satire, a trying-too-hard bimbo with a fake
accent embarks on a quest for stardom and fame...
Monkey Love (PREMIERE)
Shot entirely outdoors in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido, this rhapsody
in white stars a lovelorn monkey (ok, actually a boy in a monkey suit)
traipsing through snow and ice, in search of something of his that someone
has stolen.
Cut (2004)
A cheeky satire on censorship in Singapore, “Cut” follows a film buff
(Jonathan Lim) as he harasses a censor (Neo Swee Lin) from supermarket to
car park, where the film ends with an over-the-top musical number complete
with go-go boys and cameos by various luminaries in the local arts scene.
The Absentee (2004)
A music video made for the song “Killing Time” by the local band The
Observatory, from their album “Time of Rebirth”, which was named by The
Straits Times as one of the albums of the year in the year-end round-up for
Blind (2004)
Old Parliament House (2004)
Capitol Cinema (2004)
Three films that tell their stories in one take, through sound: the first
about a young woman in a park, the second about a man in Old Parliament
House, the last about a woman in Capitol Cinema. These short films will be
multi-projected so they are screened concurrently.
24 hrs (2002)
In three wistful, poignant minutes, this short film chronicles the bloom and
doom of a transient love, against a looping footage of quirky Korean
commercials and the tender strains of a guitar.
Hock Hiap Leong (2001)
A boy’s reverie at his favorite kopitiam takes us back in time to the
swingin’ 60s, with a flamboyant musical number performed in platforms,
beehives and flares. Sentimental and celebratory, “Hock Hiap Leong”
memorializes the places and faces lost in the shadow of a city's progress.
Mother (2002)
This quietly moving film tells the story of a son’s love-hate relationship
with his mother – through the simple device of a voice-over played over the
faded footages of a home video.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Artist Feature


Hanna Merians was born in Tiberias, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Shortly after the founding of the State of Israel, she was sent to Paris to complete her studies. Her first serious work was done during a following four year stay in the far east.

1961 Hanna Merians moved to the United States and studied at the San Francisco Academy of Fine Arts, earning her Bachelor’s degree in 1965. She also studied at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia and at the University of Madrid. 1969 to 1973 Hanna worked at the Center for Contemporary Graphic Arts in Geneva and with Pietro Sarto in St. Prex, Switzerland. She also lived four years in Singapore with travels to Indonesia to study Batik with local masters.

Hanna Merians died of cancer on March 29, 1991 in her house in Sausalito, California.

Hanna Merians is one of the 11 artists to be shown at New Artist Owned Gallery.

"Works by 11 Artists to be Shown at New Artist Owned Gallery"
2005-03-20 until 2005-12-31
Artamo Gallery
Santa Barbara, , USA United States of America


Gay performers deemed to promote gay lifestyle so no show

This pertains to a musical but not a visual art event, but visual artists might like to be interested to learn that Singapore has rejected an application for a concert by a local AIDS support group, citing concern over its gay performers following a spike in HIV cases.

Los Angeles-based Christian gay pop musicians Jason and deMarco were the planned feature performers for the April 3 2005 Action for AIDS event organised by Christian group Safehaven.

“Based on the duo’s website and reports of their performances in the United States, it is assessed that their performance will promote a gay lifestyle which would be against the public interest,” - succinctly explained by the Media Authority of Singapore.


LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts will be offering nine new degree courses come July 2004 and wants to double its population to 3,000 by 2008 by attracting more overseas students and professionals.

The institution will be launching the first Masters in Art Therapy in Southeast Asia. Art therapy helps people work through their problems and to communicate non-verbally. The course is aimed at professional psychologists, social workers and artists who have art foundation.

Caroline Essame, Curriculum Consultant, Art Therapy, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, believes that Asian models of art therapy may emerge after this professional degree course is conducted in Singapore.

Local art professionals and health practitioners do agree that there is an enormous potential for Art therapy in Asia, because expressing in Art is a more symbolic and less assertive form of communication - a form that is perhaps more well suited for the more understated individual schooled in the traditional culture of the East.


A warm greeting from NAFA International.

We would like to update you on the upcoming NAFA International short-term courses in April. Besides drawing and painting, we have also included other interesting programmes like Vocal Enrichment, Techno Martial dance, as well as i-Fun comix (comics drawing for children). You are cordially invited to visit our website at to check out the latest information regarding all the exciting course details.

Registration forms can be downloaded from the website. Please feel free to contact us at 65124207 or 65124217.

NAFA International
38 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189654
DID 65-65124219
Fax 65-63396257


Wednesday, March 23, 2005


By Professor Brian Thompson

Organised by Faculty of Fine Arts, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts

In this talk, Professor Thompson will discuss Public Art in the North-east of England.

Professor Brian Thompson's exhibition credits include "Socha a Objekt": exhibition Z Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 2004;

"Solid State": Burghley Sculpture Garden, UK 2002; "Border Axis": Webster University Gallery, Vienna;

"Towards a Place for Art 2": Surikov Institute, Moscow, 1996; and Tampere Art Museum, Finland 1992.

He has also lectured at various universities, including Sheffield Polytechnic, Norwich School of Art, University of Newcastle,

Norfolk Institute, and Manchester Metropolitan University. Professor Thompson is currently the Associate Dean (Arts & Design)

at the University of Sunderland, School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture.


Tuesday, 22 March 2005 from 12.00pm-2.00pm


Design Block Room D301

LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts


90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053 l Tel: 6344 4300 l Fax: 6346 5708 l


‘Unspoken Words' – An exhibition of abstract paintings on canvases by local artists Valerie Ng, Wyn-Lyn Tan and Yeo Shih Yun will open at the new art space instinc, located at 271C New Bridge Road, from 29 March 2005 to 22 April 2005.

Valerie Ng
Blue Green Smarks, 2005
Acylic on canvas
46cm X 61cm

"Painting is a language which cannot be replaced by another language. I don't know what to say about what I paint, really," Balthus, a French painter once proclaimed.

It is a sentiment shared by the three female artists in this exhibition. For them, abstract painting is inspired, if not,
ruled by spontaneity and expression. Emotions rule, which makes it difficult to rationalize and articulate. They paint because they cannot find the words to express themselves.

A total of 20 oil and acrylic paintings on canvases are created as a result of the artists' explorations in colour, form,
line, texture, depth, mood and movement. In this exhibition, the artists hope that viewers can find their own personal interpretations within the paintings. Each abstract painting will probably speak differently to each viewer.

'Unspoken Words' will be exhibited at instinc at 271C New Bridge Road (Chinatown) from 29 March 2005 to 22 April 2005. For gallery information, please call 6536 1739.

Viewing hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 12pm to 7pm, 7pm-9pm (by appointment) Saturdays, 12-5pm (By appointment); Closed on Sundays & Mondays.
Free admission.
Directions: (include map)
By MRT - Chinatown (NEL) or Outram Park
By Bus - SBS 2, 12, 33, 54, 61, 62, 63, 80, 81, 124, 143, 147, 174, 197
TIBS 190, 520, 851, 961, 961C, 970

About instinc(

instinc is located at the attic of a conservation townhouse that has been carefully restored, originally built in the 1800s. Creating an inspirational environment to work in, instinc has a pointed roof with high ceiling and a large patio natural lighting, adding to the character of the space.

Started in November 2004, instinc is an artist-run space that aims to foster friendships and collaborations with other artists. instinc is a dynamic space in continuous process of creation and is committed in exhibiting all forms of contemporary art.

The objectives of instinct are:
§ To provide an exhibition space managed by an artist in order to establish a vibrant environment for creative practice and dialogue.
§ To provide a space to exchange ideas and interaction for artists in the community.

About the artists

Biography of Artist, Yeo Shih Yun

Shih Yun's fascination for the abstract medium surfaced during her time at Lasalle, when she first experimented with the fusion of fine arts and contemporary design. One of her early experimental works received acclaim as a highly commended entry for the UOB Painting of the Year competition in 1999, which spurred her to further explore fine arts and the abstract form. After graduating from Lasalle, Shih Yun attended the one-year Post Baccalaureate Program (Painting) at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Shih Yun has collaborated with artists from America and UK for the past three years and has held numerous exhibitions in Singapore and Australia. Some of her recent exhibitions include “exit” in Melbourne, Australia and “NewFinds 2003" at MITA ARTrium. In addition, she was awarded the Emerging Artist Grant from the National Arts Council to hold her first solo exhibition titled, “log:one03” at Block 43 Studio Gallery in 2003.

Biography of Artist, Wyn-Lyn Tan

Wyn-Lyn Tan has developed a personal artistic language through the bold interplay of colour, light, texture and contrast in her five years of painting. She obtained her Diploma in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her works have been exhibited in various galleries in Singapore, and are collected by both local and international collectors.

She was conferred the Highly Commended Work award in Abstract Medium in the 22nd United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) Painting of the Year Competition, Singapore, 2003, and was recently one of the selected emerging artists for New Finds 2004.

Biography of Artist, Valerie Ng

Largely self-taught, Valerie has always enjoyed painting and creating art pieces. However, she took up painting seriously in 2002 after attending the Alternative Foundation in Fine Art at The Slade Summer School, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London.

Her medium is mostly oil or acrylic on canvas/paper. Paintings in an abstract expressionist style. They are created as a result of her explorations in colour, form, texture, depth, mood and movement on a surface. She also finds inspiration in shapes and patterns around her be it from objects, materials, nature, culture or architecture.

Her works have been exhibited at United Overseas Bank (UOB) Painting of the Year 2004 Exhibition where she won the First Prize in the Abstract medium category, Bottomline.Chinese, Jendela Gallery, Feb 2005, The Summer Foundation Group Show at The Slade, London, 2002 and a solo exhibition ‘Distractions’ held at Emerald Hill, 2004. They have also been displayed at the National Libraries in Seng Kang and Marine Parade, 2003 and the Anthropology Gallery in Holland Village, 2003.

Her paintings can be found in private collections in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Mexico and Germany.


You are cordially invited to the opening night of Sculpture Square's Artist-in-Residency Exhibition featuring the works of

Exhibition Opening
30 Mar 2005

Guest of Honour
Mr. Hirofumi Morikawa
Director, Japan Information and Culture Centre

Exhibition continues till 17 April 2005

Gallery Talk by Masato Tanaka
02 Apr 2005
3 - 4pm
Free Admission

Operational Hours
Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Closed on public holidays

Sculpture Square's Artist-in-Residency involves a partnership with an overseas arts organisation to enable a Singaporean artist and a foreign artist to travel to each other's countries for a month-long residency period and hold a solo exhibition at the end of their respective stays in the host countries.

Japanese kinetic artist Masato Tanaka made Sculpture Square his home since 26 February 2005 as the third artist-in-residence. This solo exhibition presents Masato Tanaka's new kinetic sculptures that were conceptualised and created during his residency period. In his five weeks here, he also had the opportunity to interact, exchange ideas and share experiences with the public and school groups during the open studio sessions and talks at the Chapel Gallery.

Sculpture Square nominated Singaporean artist Matthew Ngui will travel to Joshibi University in Japan later this year for the reciprocal leg of the artist exchange programme.

For more information, please contact us or visit our website:

Sculpture Square Limited
155 Middle Road Singapore 188977
Tel 65 6333 1055 Fax 65 6333 1655



An Arts Festival of Sorts at Gone Fishing café
produced by Landing Space in collaboration with Gone Fishing

Artfields 3 invites you to be

The Player:

Picture: The Player (entrance wall) by Lee Tet Keong, Artfields 3

Constructed walls and free play, various dimensions

by Lee Tet Keong

Opening Mar 25 Friday, 7pm till late

At Gone Fishing café, 15 Chu Lin Rd,

off Hillview Ave, off Jalan Remaja, Tel 67629901

Picture: The Player (during construction) at Gone Fishing café, Artfields 3

This installation is intended to give the patrons of the café an opportunity to play with walls. Strips of walls of different widths and heights, some stretching from floor to ceiling, have been constructed for this installation. ‘The constructed wall’ is a response to the artist’s emotions the first time he entered Gone Fishing café. Five minutes into studying the existing writing on the café walls, he started to search for the ungraspable in between the text.

“I began to look for a part of my childhood that never transpired, or rather, a part that I never managed to get my hands on: to be able to make marks on those untouchable HDB flats wall. Marks, which all authorities, including parents, often frown upon as graffiti,” reflected Lee Tet Keong, artist of The Player.

With the café’s existing wall as the backdrop, TK hopes to extend its energy to the whole café and build a complete playground for the patrons to relive a second childhood, and for the younger patrons, to live a piece of childhood that was previously unavailable to him.

Widely used media such as markers, ball point pens, pencils, drawing pens, charcoal, etc - will all be provided for the 'player'.

Play, and let play.

Workshops and Such
“At Artfields, there are no experts, only explorers.”

Picture: Artfields Art Fair at Gone Fishing café during Artfields 2

Choosing the Right Book for Your Child – Tips and Tricks by Chitra Soundar

Sunday, April 3rd 2005, 3-5pm

Free admission

You walk into a bookshop or a library. Shelves and shelves of books welcome you. If you are a book person, you can't seem to make up your mind on which one to pick for your child. If you are not a bookworm, you are overwhelmed by the different shapes and sizes of books.

Choosing a book also involves matching the ability of the child to read the book with the content and cultural context. If you want to find out more, do attend Chitra Soundar's talk at Artfields. From now on, let's do more than judging a book by its cover.

Chitra Soundar writes stories, articles and activities for children. She has published eight books and over 100 articles with various local and overseas publishers. Chitra also teaches curriculum-based Creative Writing workshops for primary school students. Chitra is also the Assistant Regional Advisor for Singapore SCBWI. You can find out more about her at

This talk is kindly sponsored by SCBWI SCBWI is an international body offering support and services to aspiring and accomplished writers and illustrators in the field of children's literature. Started in 1971 in Los Angeles, SCBWI acts as a network between writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents, librarians, educators and booksellers. Currently over 19000 members, from all over the world, interact and benefit from SCBWI's relentless work in this field.

Artfields’ Art Fair: from 5 to 500

Mar 25th, 2005 – May 8, 2005

In a bid to get the public to buy art to support and keep artists making art, Artfields has decided to extend the Dec Art Fair to Artfields 3. All original artworks are priced to sell at affordable prices ranging from $5 to $500. Instead of buying mass-produced merchandise, buy original artworks as they make the most unique and meaningful choices as gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, baby shower keepsakes, and so on. Artworks are placed at Gone Fishing café on consignment and 50% of the proceeds from the sale will go towards the Artfields’ Art Fund. Art diaries, all sorts of creative writing, essays, poetry chapbooks, original music are available. Come support your favourite artists, poets, musicians and local philosophers at Artfields!


Drawings on prints – Flower Series and Star-hood

Justin Lee was awarded the Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship for his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, which he completed in 1999. A practising artist since 1996, he has participated in several art competitions such as the UOB Art competition and the ASEAN Arts Awards. In 2002, he was selected to complete a 6-months intensive training programme at the Tyler Print Workshop in New York, under Mr. Ken Tyler’s supervision. He returned and worked as an apprentice with the Singapore Tyler Institute for two years.

Justin has also participated in numerous exhibitions including “Made in Singapore” (2002), “Read the Small Prints” (2003). In recognition of Justin’s artist talents, the National Art Council funded his first solo art exhibition “Double Happiness, a Fantasy in Red” (2003). His group projects include “Made in Singapore Festival 2004”, “Reconstruction of the City”, and “Proof-4, the print show”. His art installation works in video were included in the Venice Biennale 9th International Architecture Exhibition 2004.

Glass Fragments

Jaclyn Lim is currently a Communications undergraduate in Monash University, Australia. She has published a couple of poems in online literary journals and book reviews in her school magazine. She enjoys writing poems and short stories with a mug of coffee by her side whenever she feels sufficiently inspired. Her other interests include fervent blogging, reading, deconstructing films, and finally, shopping and eating - Singaporean-style.

Black and White Photography

Jerry Hau has been in love with Black and White photography since he was 15 years old. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the National University of Singapore. He interned at the award-winning Arc Studio Architecture & Urbanism.

Creative Writing Camp 1: Clustering Your Doodles by Peng-Ean Khoo

Sunday, April 10th, 3-5pm

Workshop fees are $50 for a two-hour workshop OR

$120 for a series of three standalone workshops (6 hours in total).

Poet-artist of A Penguin Pillowcase: Contemporary Ink Poetry, Peng-Ean Khoo, will lead workshop participants on how to free the artist-writer within. Participants will learn how to use clustering and doodle-drawing techniques to achieve a state of pre-writing relaxation. Borrowing primarily from Gabriele Rico’s Writing the Natural Way and Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, we will use cluster diagrams and doodles as springboards for creative writing. There should be time to enjoy a few rounds of such drawing-writing exercises. This is a great ‘warm-up’ workshop to break writer’s block or for closet writers to get started. Throughout, participants will be encouraged to write without fear of judgment. A gentle critique session will follow. Bring a notebook.

Workshop fees include visual art materials and instruction. All proceeds go to the Artfields Art Fund. We are raising money to cover materials cost for Artfields 4 installation project. To register, email or call Gone Fishing at 67629901

Creative Writing Camp 2:

Etching Souls

by Peng-Ean Khoo

Sunday, April 24th, 3-5pm

Workshop fees are $50 for a two-hour workshop OR

$120 for a series of three standalone workshops (6 hours in total).

Poet-artist of A Penguin Pillowcase: Contemporary Ink Poetry, Peng-Ean Khoo, will lead workshop participants on how to free the artist-writer within. Continuing with the technique of using visual art strategies to locate the writing reservoir, workshop participants will explore contour and gesture drawing techniques using compressed charcoal. Participants will be introduced to Nicolaides’ The Natural Way to Draw and how to extend the drawing exercises to writing. Throughout, participants will be encouraged to analyse their work, to learn how to spot a consistent set of symbols or themes or forms in order to further understand and develop their “voice”. The more work you make, the more you will begin to see a pattern. A gentle critique session will follow. Bring a notebook.

Workshop fees include visual art materials and instruction. All proceeds go to the Artfields Art Fund. We are raising money to cover materials cost for Artfields 4 installation project. To register, email or call Gone Fishing at 67629901

Art can no longer be contained in museums and galleries.

Creative Writing Camp 3:

Hiking the Haiku

by Peng-Ean Khoo

Sunday, May 8th, 3-5pm

Workshop fees are $50 for a two-hour workshop OR

$120 for a series of three standalone workshops (6 hours in total).

Poet-artist of A Penguin Pillowcase: Contemporary Ink Poetry, Peng-Ean Khoo, will lead workshop participants on how to free the artist-writer within. Participants will be introduced to the basic elements of haiku, including the writings of RH Blyth. We will explore Basho’s “frog” to get at 'Haiku no Michi', the Way of Haiku, which Blyth describes as “the purely poetical (non-emotional, non-intellectual, non-moral, non-aesthetic)…in relation to nature." Then we shall embark upon the Way of Haiku, after which, there is no turning back. A gentle critique session will follow. Bring a notebook.

Workshop fees include visual art materials and instruction. All proceeds go to the Artfields Art Fund. We are raising money to cover materials cost for Artfields 4 installation project. To register, email or call Gone Fishing at 67629901

Every age faces the unanswerable questions of 'what is art' and 'what does it do?' Artfields hopes not to provide answers to these perpetual questions, but facilitate their asking by new generations.

Artfields’ Art Fund

Artfields is a not-for-profit programme which hopes to reach out to the community and make art accessible to all ages and all income levels.

A nominal fee may be charged for certain programmes to cover materials, reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, and nominal artists’ fees for contributing artists. Artfields is supported by the National Arts Council, the patrons of Gone Fishing café, Gone Fishing café through in-kind space and hospitality contributions, and Landing Space through the in-kind contributions of the artist collective.

“Through Artfields, we hope to further breakdown the separation between art and life by placing art in a living space where neither dominates the other. Instead there will be a true interplay of art and life; the café’s activity becomes part of the art and vice versa. Once you enter Artfields, you will get contemporary art.”

Media interviews can be arranged at 90479602. The media is invited to directly participate in the making, opening, living, critiquing, and dismantling of Artfields.

Event Info


Dates and description of projects
1: June – September 2004: “Wave” by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng

Cotton string will be stretched from wall to wall repetitively back and forth, throughout the entire cafe from the front entrance to the back exit, as if it was a fabric weaved into the architecture. This ‘fabric’ will stretch throughout the entire cafe from the front entrance to the back exit. The viewer/patron will get a sense of entering into a dreamscape where the whole architectural structure of the cafe will be transformed into a giant undulating wave.

1: Workshops & Such:
July 2004
9th Friday 7pm - Wave Opening
18th Sunday 3-5pm - Art & Spirituality: Talk by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng on the connection of art and spirituality throughout human history.
21th Wednesday 8pm - Philosophy Cafe on Art: "What makes art art?", a philosophical inquiry.

August 2004
22th Sunday 3-5pm - String Performance: An afternoon to enjoy the newfound ambience of the café with music that stirs the spirit.
29th Sunday 3-5pm – Art & Poetry: Poet Artist Peng-Ean Khoo will read and share the works of Yuan Mei, Bei Dao and Xu Bing.
September 2004
12th Sunday 3-5pm - Art Discourse 101: This is the time to ask those burning questions: “What is art?”, “What is the meaning of art?”, “What is the function of art?”, “Is art relevant in today’s world?”. Questions as well as opinions are welcome. Discussion facilitated by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng.
26th Sunday 3-5pm – Children’s Art Camp: This art camp will facilitate children and youth aged 5-16 in inter-disciplinary studies of art, poetry, music and philosophy. Allow them to be truly creative and to think out of the box under the guidance of practising professionals. $20 per child – 2 hr program.

2: October 2004 – January 2005: “blogged” by Brigid K. Watson and

Peng-Ean Khoo

The artists will print out the entire 90+ entries and attach them into the various forms described. Words will literally take over the entire space in the form of carpets, wall paper, window treatments, and table settings. In addition, various individuals of a range of ages and ethnicities will be recorded reading these blogs aloud. These recordings will be played simultaneously during the entire duration of the installation. Visitors will be invited to write blogs of their own and send them to the artists on a laptop computer provided. Anyone who leaves a blog is then invited to take an actual piece of the installation home.

2: Workshops & Such:
November 2004
7th Sunday 4pm till late – Blogged Opening
28th Sunday 3-5pm - Art Discourse 101

December 2004
from 5th, Sunday – START of Artfields’ Art Fair

5th Sunday 3-5 pm – Batik Art Camp
12th Sunday 3-5pm – Art & Poetry by Madeileine Marie Slavick

January 2005
till 5th Wednesday - END of Artfields’ Art Fair
16th Sunday 3-5pm – Family Art Camp (Tie Dye)

3: February – May 2005: “The Player” by Lee Tet Keong

Strips of walls of different widths and heights, some stretching from floor to ceiling, will be constructed for this installation. “With the café’s existing wall as the backdrop, I hope to extend its energy to the whole café and build a complete playground for the patrons to relive a second childhood, and for the younger patrons, to live a piece of childhood that was unavailable to me: to make marks on those untouchable HDB flats wall.”

2: Workshops & Such:

March 2005
25th Friday 7pm till late – The Player Opening
from 25th Friday – START of Artfields Art Fair

April 2005
2 Sunday 3-5pm – Choosing the Right Book for your Child by Chitra Soundar

10th Sunday 3-5pm – Creative Writing Camp 1 by Peng-Ean Khoo

24th Sunday 3-5 pm – Creative Writing Camp 2 by Peng-Ean Khoo

May 2005
till 8th Sunday - END of Artfields’ Art Fair
8th Sunday 3-5pm – Creative Writing Camp 3 by Peng-Ean Khoo

4: May 2005 – June 2005: “The Fourth Cube” by Peng-Ean Khoo

The central idea is that human activity dotting space is like writing text on paper. Poetic environments marked by a poem with a rain element, effectively becoming ‘rain pages’ will be constructed. Patrons will be invited to manufacture, infuse and drink tea. This is by way of the patron ‘writing’ his/her existence into the ‘rain pages’. Poetry no longer lies flat on paper: it infuses our very existence.

Workshops & Such to be announced later.

Gone Fishing

Located at 15 Chu Lin Rd, off Jalan Remaja, off Hillview Avenue.

Tel: 6762-9901. Board bus 173 from Bukit Batok Interchange and alight at the 8th stop.

Media Enquiries
Call 90479602 or email

Gallery Hours
Open daily (except Mondays and Tuesdays) from 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. and closed for siesta from 2.30-5.30p.m. on weekdays.

Free, unless otherwise stated.


Landing Space: Art in Alternative Spaces
Gone Fishing: Field of Dreams

In October 2002, Landing Space held its debut exhibition introducing Land Art to the Singapore public by transforming a historical abandoned warehouse into a labyrinth of installed forms. In Borrowed Nature (January – June 2004), we ‘borrowed’ 60 collections from the natural environment and located them at Woodlands Regional Library in a NLB-SAM project entitled “Woodland”.

Artfields will be our third and most ambitious project to date involving direct audience participation and international exchange.

Founded in October 2002 by a husband and wife team, Kenny and Mei Chin, Gone Fishing is the vessel on which they set out to fish for ways to live meaningfully in the sea of life. Gone Fishing is a haven for unrestrained self-expression. Its walls are filled with doodles and words of wisdom through which patrons express their innermost feelings and thoughts freely. It is a place, a field, for dreamers to live their dreams.


Twardzik Ching Chorleng

Born in Singapore, Leng has been practising Installation art and Land art for more than 10 years. A regular recipient of meritorious awards and scholarships including the Hanna Kristmanson Ceramic Scholarship, the Ceramics Canada Award, and the Crown Life Entrance Award, Leng’s work is included in numerous public and corporate collections. Leng holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of Regina, Canada, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and a Diploma in Ceramic Arts from Alberta College of Art and Design, Canada.
Peng-Ean Khoo

Poet-artist of A Penguin Pillowcase: contemporary ink poetry, Peng-Ean was born in Malaysia and now resides in Singapore with her family. She has read and exhibited both locally and internationally including the Boston Public Library, Massachusetts and the Warwick Museum of Art, Rhode Island. Her works explore the terrain between poetry and visual art, environmental issues, and post-colonial questioning of identity, transnationalism and multiple histories.

Brigid K. Watson

Brigid, an Ohio native, is an artist, arts educator, and avid traveler who has been living and working in Boston since 1989. She has exhibited her work throughout Boston and Europe in private galleries and alternative spaces and in conjunction with nonprofit groups such as the Women's' Caucus for the Arts. She is included in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe. Brigid holds a Master of Fine Arts from New York University, a BFA from Tufts University in painting, and the Diploma and Fifth Year programs at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Lee Tet Keong

Born in Singapore, TK holds a BFA with distinction from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He has exhibited extensively in Singapore including the prestigious Nokia Singapore Art Festival in 2002 and an on-going exhibition "Everthing But ..." in Jendela Gallery, Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay. A recipient of the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship, TK received a Diploma of Honour in the 1st Ceramic Biennale International Competition (Korea). He is included in numerous private, public and corporate collections including Singapore Airlines, Raffles Town Club, and Shangri-la Intercontinental.


Orita.Sinclair.Int'l - FrontRoom Gallery invites you to
Reflections of Paris: Exhibition, Talk and Workshops by Chng Seok Tin

Opening reception on
Thursday March 24, 2005 7.00pm

Guest of Honour
Mr Bernard Luciani
Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education
Embassy of France

Talk: Saturday March 26, 2005 3.00pm*
Watercolour Printing: Saturday April 2, 2005 3.00pm - 5.30pm*
Mixed-media Monoprint: Saturday April 9, 2005 3.00pm - 5.30pm*


Faces of Monopolis


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Call for Submissions

tickleart series
CityLink Mall, Singapore

The tickleart series is curated by Susie Wong and Jennifer Teo. Three 5m-long showcases in CityLink Mall's exit to Esplanade are used as spaces for exhibition of artworks.

It is not intended as a 'gallery'-type space for the display and sale of art. The site taps a public audience different to that of a gallery. It opens up exciting prospects for the showing of art that is contemporary, site-specific and community-linked - connected with its audience and in a form/media that challenges conventional perceptions of art.

Each artwork is exhibited for a period of about 2 months and participating artists are provided a minimum amount of funding.

Additional info:
1. Dimensions of each showcase: 5m (length) x 1.5m (depth) x 2.4m
2. Daily traffic of CityLink Mall: 4,000 persons (weekday), 6,000
(weekend) .

We are now looking for proposals for exhibition during the period May
2005 to March 2006. If you are interested, please contact us asap at email
suwong and followed by


Temasek Polytechnic is now taking applications for its next run of
the Specialist Diploma in Arts & Events Management to begin in May.
It is an 18-month programme and the Diploma is acceptable as entry to
the Master of Business (Arts and Cultural Management) programme at
the University of South Australia. This Master of Business programme
can be done fully on-line from Singapore (ie, there is no need for
candidates to go to Adelaide at any stage).

For more information on the Temasek Polytechnic course or online
application, please visit our website at

Application forms can also be obtained from Continuing Education
Centre, Engineering Block 13, Level 3, Temasek Polytechnic, 21
Tampines Avenue 1, Singapore 529757.

The closing date for applications is 28 Mar 05.


Feature on Organizations

focas, Forum on Contemporary Art & Society, is a not-for-profit
dialogue and publishing initiative that engages issues of
contemporary art, politics and social change--primarily but not
exclusively--in Singapore and Southeast Asia. focas is dedicated to
interdisciplinary, critical exchange among scholars, activists and

Subscription Queries:

Editor: Forum On Contemporary Art & Society [focas]

150 R East Coast Road
Singapore 428852
Tel 6344 6372


Dear friends, the latest issue of e-notice board is out.

e-notice board # 15


e-notice: Call/Submissions/Residencies
1) Live Art @ Studio 19, An evening of art performances and artist talk,
7pm, Sat, 19 Mar 2005. >>
2) Call for _Expression of interest for Electrofringe >>
3) ISEA2006 Symposium and residency call >>
4) Photography Biennial - call for entries->>
5) un Magazine#4 -- CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS >>
6) SOFTBLOW | Poetry Journal (featuring new artwork by DONNA ONG) >>
7) Call for Entries: forget it! don't trust your archives (deadline: 2nd
May) -->
8) Exhibitions: long and so distant... by Karee Dahl | Pouch
byCassandra Schultz >>
10)18th Annual Northern National Art Competition. + 2005 LUNAFEST ---->>
11) "Alpan International 2005"+ 2005 Fifth Biannual Competition for
publication in Volume 12 of Direct Art Magazine.(April 30) --- >>
12) (April 8, 2005)The Halpert Biennial 05 +(Mar 31, 2005)CALL FOR
SCREENPLAYS+(Mar 31, 2005)WRITING CONTEST Short story -->>
13)Exhibition: Errata at NUS -->>
16) Call for submissions - tickleart series, CityLink Mall, Singapore
17) vuspace call for expressions of interest, Melbourne (Australia)
18) Duotone festival (deadline: May 30, 2005)call for entries -->>
19) UNIDEE in Residence - International Program 2005 (deadline: 20 April
2005) -->>
20) RHIZOME.ORG NET ART COMMISSIONS (deadline: 23rd March 2005)--->>
21) The 2005 Leonardo Global Crossings Award - Congrats to winners!!


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