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Friday, June 10, 2005

PRESS releases 10 June 2005

un-titled Gallery – Eve Ong’s Second Solo Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Self-unveiled II

Official Opening Reception: Friday 10th June 2005 at 7pm

Exhibition Dates: 11th June 2005 until 9th July 2005

Time: 11am to 8pm Mondays to Saturdays

Exhibition Venue: un-titled Gallery, China Square Central, Marsh & McLennan Centre, 18 Cross Street #B1-21, Singapore 048423

Enquiries: Please call the gallery at +65 65387050 or email to for high res images.
(Link to show page )

Contact person: Evelyn Ong +65 96805444

Show Description

After a first successful exhibition based on the same theme, part II of self unveiled places emphasis on the importance of the identities which people put upon themselves, alienation of self, and the reflection on self.

There are numerous influencing factors that contribute to the ‘evolving’ self. A variety of social factors, from the increased role of the mass media in everyday life, to social movements, work and family, or perhaps, just the perspective of others, all contribute to form one’s own self identity. All these factors may slowly convince the inner self to change, sometimes without there being an awareness of the change or development of self. Multiple identities may emerge each one targeted at contrasting to, or fitting into a social environment. These identities within self are so multifaceted that the one ‘true’ self the “real me” may get lost and be dissolved into the surroundings. Thus the veils that the self puts on as a shield or social clothing may become self and the true self is lost and buried beneath the ‘social’ self.

As the self engages a wider community of selves, social values are transmitted and received. Alienation within self may slowly creep in where the individual is constantly reworking and reshaping the ‘social’ and ‘true’ self in response to the discursive environment they exist in . So the self is always evolving, traveling through a process of change and evolution without reaching a final conclusion, except perhaps the demise of the ‘true’ self.

In this exhibition, some paintings show the self as an invisible vessel that is only defined by the collected veils. What is stored in this ‘vessel’ of self is our core essence but can the vessel be visible without the veils?

About the Artist:

Eve Ong:

Eve Ong developed her vision and ideas while traveling, living and working across various countries and experiencing the many different cultures. Eve had studied Fine Art and Painting, at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts and has been involved in the creative arts for many years.

un-titled gallery
t. 65387050
a. china square central. marsh & mclennan centre. 18 cross street # b1-21 singapore 048423