a solo exhibition of paintings, drawings & things that connect by Lim Shing Ee

26 November – 13 December 2003

“Mental Life does not proceed smoothly and gracefully in neat logical form. Instead, it hops, skips and jumps its way from idea to idea, tying together things that have no business being together; forming new creative leaps, new insights and concepts.”
-Donald A. Norman

‘Un-Read’ explores the mind’s boundless activity of associating a mark, a letter or an object to another, triggered as an instinctive behaviour, that has been fed by every impulse upon the human senses, collected over a time as long as one can remember. The exhibition attempts to tap the root of a thought…any thought, if not conjure a map that could possibly unveil a secret order of thinking.
The solo exhibition features multiple series of paintings and drawings created within a period of fifty days. The starting point comes in a series of ‘instinct-driven’ drawings, made without being bounded by a specific story, narrative or inspiration. This series will lead to the making of subsequent series, which attempts to read, re-read or un-read the forms in the previous series. Every piece of drawing, painting and even notes will be a part of the exhibition, such that the development process of images and mental associations are made for all to ‘read’.
The purpose of the whole process could possibly be none other than an outcome as indeterminate, erratic, obscure and random as the origin of our search. As endless and rhetorical as the journey may seem, it is the magic of the search, but not the final answer, that could possibly spark invention, brew creativity and electrify spirits.


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