Elsie Yu

Sculptor, Singapore

Joyous Rivers | 1987
Soaring Vision | 1992
The Colour of Wind | 2000


Soaring Vision
Donated by Mr Albert Hong
Sculpted by Ms Elsie Yu
Unveiled by Mr S Dhanabalan, Minister of National Development, 1992

Interpretation : a symbol of our society's aspirations and progress

"This abstract sculpture depicts the progress and aspirations of our nation. It's components symbolize the spiraling development of a people working together for a common cause.
Each layer of the brass units represents bursts of energy of individual effort. The units are mould together in a fluid movement emphasizing the cooperation between individuals.

The brass units are attached to the shaft by stainless steel pipes which signify the unifying and stabilizing strength of the people.

The volcanic base emerging from the earth portrays both the dynamism of the Nation and the solid roots which form the basis for advancement."


Right in the middle of Jurong Island where the Sakra Jetty is situated . One can find a quiet water front garden, the Sakra Park. The Park consists of timber boardwalk along the coast-line, a cactus garden and a landmark waterfront features.

- Colors of the Wind by Elsie Yu



The Singapore Mint will mark Chinese New Year 2001 with another batch of special coins, keeping alive a tradition begun two decades ago. The Year of the Snake coins, the ninth in a series of Chinese Almanac coins, have been designed by a local artist, Dr Elsie YU. The new coins, which will be available in gold, silver, and cupro-nickel, will be available on 3 Jan 2001. The limited edition S$250 gold coin will cost S$1203.05. The S$10 silver coin will be produced as a limited edition and will cost S$97.85, while the S$10 cupro- nickel coin will be sold at S$23.50. The mint will also issue uncirculated Hongbao coin sets consisting of one-cent to S$5 pieces, priced at S$14.40.

A copper plated zinc 1-cent coin may mean nothing to you but it is greatly valued by Singaporeans as it carries our national symbol on it. In 1992, a bi-metallic 5-dollar scallop-edged coin designed by Dr Elsie Yu was introduced.